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With Triyock’s unique Robotic Process Automation technology, automate your repetitive and regular non-core processes and save time and money.

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Efficient and reliable AI and Automation Services

Machine learning's rapid success has spawned a wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Continued progress promises to generate autonomous systems capable of perceiving, learning, deciding, and acting on their own.

Triyock’s services can do real-time monitoring, multichannel callouts, and prompt and accurate service level reporting, increasing overall efficiency and performance. As a well-known service provider, we provide cutting-edge digital solutions that use automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to boost operational efficacy.

The technologies offered, when incorporated into your existing call center infrastructure, may drastically reduce operational costs, mistakes, structural complexity, and increase contact center performance.

Triyock provides services to assist businesses in improving machine learning technologies such as self-driving cars, human monitoring algorithms, and surveillance. In fields such as healthcare, robotics, geospatial technology, and autonomous technology, we've worked with numerous significant organizations.

With our automation-first strategy, we accelerate data engineering speed, productivity, and creativity. Our expert data design new methods of working and exploit automation's potential. Companies from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and other nations employ our services.

Use automation and artificial intelligence to empower consumers, increase engagement, and cut staff and operating expenses.

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Triyock services guarantee assurance and accuracy. Get a proposal for your project right away. Our basket of services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Business Process Automation

Use automation and artificial intelligence to empower consumers, increase engagement, and cut staff and operating expenses.

Data Extraction

Triyock’s data extraction services offer a steady supply of high-quality, relevant data, and customized services, using reusable extraction templates, automation extraction workflow, easy data exportation, web, on-premise, and cloud deployment.

Web Automation

Our automation framework at Triyock is designed by skilled automation engineers and is based on cutting-edge languages and technologies. Web automation services bring value in the context of enterprise business by doing regression testing, unit testing, sanity testing, and build health checks

Excel Automation

Use Excel automation to streamline business operations with ultimate efficiency, budget-friendly tools, reliability, and programming knowledge. Triyock’s Excel Experts provide all of the benefits of Excel automation bespoke documentation, automating mailshots, consolidating financial sheets, etc

Web Scrapping

Real Estate Web Scraping

Taking control of scraped data from real estate websites might help you regulate the advertised pricing on a website or prepare your company database. Triyock offers the most effective Real Estate Platforms Data Scraping services. We offer services such as Property Address, Listing Price, Listing Agent, Property Details, Property Type, etc

Google map data web scraping

Triyock provides business information from google places including services, competitor reviews, contacts, locations, etc. Get analysed and enriched data with our Google map data web scraping service.

Facebook scraping

Experts at Triyock help you make an Excellent Social Networking Profile-Based Database. Our Scraper Tool allows you to scrape Facebook data more effectively and easily.

Jobsite scraping

Bring us your Web Data Scraping requirements from the selected employment sites, and our experts at Triyock will supply you with either a tailored job portal scraper or data with browsing the domains as per your requirement

Data Processing

Get quick access to meaningful information with full-cycle, enterprise-grade data processing solutions.

Data entry

Triyock offers Data entry solutions, believes in functioning within practical margins, and is projected to convey high-quality reasonable data entry services to patrons across the globe.

Data Management

Triyock’s Data Management services assist in the integration of dispersed data and the application of data analytics approaches to accomplish the desired business job. Triyock's DMS manages all data management functions and achieves value-driven data utilization.

File Conversion

Triyock’s team offers reliable and affordable file conversion services. Leverage our conversion services for converting any file format at the soonest possible time.

Form Processing

Triyock helps businesses with data acquisition by offering a variety of services such as data normalization, document processing services, form processing services, payroll processing services, data management services, address management services, survey form data entry, online forms processing services, and list building services.

Accounting automation services

Triyock understands accounting industries better and has vast knowledge and experience serving businesses and accounting firms with services like accounts receivables, accounts payables, operational finance, and accounting, standard journal entries, bank and credit card reconciliation, and finance reviews.

Data Management

Data Duplication

Triyock provides a solution for dealing with duplicate data, which reduces the size of the database while improving the quality of the information contained inside it. Triyock offers duplication services such as data comparing, data merging, and data matching.

Data Validation

Making sure clients’ data is 100% accurate Triyock provides data accuracy service with guaranteed accuracy and effectiveness, reducing the amount of time spent manually cleaning incorrect data, and allowing your team to perform more efficiently.

Data Cleansing

Triyock makes the most of your data by avoiding duplicate mailings and ensuring that the clients' contact information is up to date. Our data cleansing services remove inaccurate, incomplete, duplicate, or poorly organized data.

Contact Database Updating

No matter what sector our clients serve, contact management software is a useful tool for sales teams. Triyock evaluates the quality of your data regularly and updates it as needed.

Unlock the power of machine learning with Triyock to drive new revenue opportunities and propel growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to jobs like image analysis, data analysis, and disease detection, artificial intelligence is already outperforming the human brain.
The strong combination of AI and RPA may enable an organization to process data from practically any source across virtually any system. This comprises data stored in many sorts of files and documents, such as emails, PDF files, scans, and pictures.
The following are some examples of AI technologies that are frequently utilized today: Speech recognition The technique of capturing audio and identifying what words are heard is known as Speech recognition. Natural Language Understanding is the process of identifying the intended meaning of word sequences. Conversational AI: The ability to converse naturally with a user with say and do features.
Triyock is committed to adhering to ISO-9001 quality standards, maintaining a cutting-edge infrastructure with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive security processes, while keeping pricing affordable.
Triyock team provides affordable remote teams and serves you with cost-effective results saving your major expenses and resulting in cost optimization with the assurance of quality and integrity. Our Quality Assurance team ensures that every job is completed with the utmost professionalism.

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