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What is Back Office Service Outsourcing?

Back office support is the branch that provides assistance to the front office. It includes responsibilities that do not require direct involvement with customers, but are aimed at enhancing customer experience. The operations handled by the back office staff is of utmost importance to stay relevant and compete in your respective verticals. Further, back office boosts the company’s productivity, manages and organizes all data and prevents loss of data.

Traditionally, this domain was managed in-house but today, 70% companies, irrespective of their size have turned to third party vendors to outsource back office services. Hiring a pioneer in the field ensures that the work is being handled by experienced professionals which further guarantees accuracy. Moreover, it saves you from wasting time, cost and infra in staffing, training, management and administration.

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Back Office Services That Will Change the Way you do Business

Data Entry Services

When done in-house, data entry is not only a tedious task, but also a monumental waste of time and resources. Without proper tech and experience, it can really slow down any business, precisely why most businesses believe in outsourcing data entry services from third-party vendors. At Triyock bpo, our experts are dedicated to delivering dependable data entry solutions and use the best tools to achieve accuracy and prevent loss of data.

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Data Conversion Services

Data is the most valuable asset of any firm and losing it for any reason can prove to be problematic. We can efficiently convert your data from any format to a well-known, standard, digitized format to make it easy for you to understand, store and share on any platform. We can also convert data stored in hardcopy formats to digital ones for improved access.

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OCR Service

OCR or Optical Character Recognition has revolutionised the way we store data by allowing us to convert both handwritten and printed characters into a readable digital format and make available for anyone to access. Our OCR services make it easy to search for information from a huge database. It is cost effective and boosts speed and productivity of any business.

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Transcription Service

Our transcription services can benefit your business by improving turnaround time, boost the value of content by making it easily searchable across various search engines, and increase accessibility to important data and discussions. It will also help employees stay focussed during seminars and meetings by cutting the need to take notes.

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Virtual Assistant Outsourcing

Virtual assistant outsourcing can help you maintain the work-life balance and flexibility that you crave and deserve. We can customize the administrative support according to your needs and select prospective employees for you. It will boost your business’ growth by enabling you to utilize diverse skill set and talents, reducing infra cost and assuring quality output.

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Insight Into Our Back Office Operation

Understanding project requirements, discussing revenues and defining responsibilities
Determining project complexity, discussing costs
Decide suitable strategy, assign roles and responsibilities
Commencing project and adjusting schedules with respect to time zone
Testing database during several processes for improvement, consistency and quality assurance
Dispatching the final output in compliance with feedback

Outsourcing For Business Growth


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Outsourcing For Business Growth

Outsourcing back office support has a lot of cost benefits. An average company saves up about 46% by outsourcing instead of hiring and accommodating in-house staff.
Back office tasks as crucial to the growth of an organization as front office functions. Leaving the administrative work to experts will free up a lot of space and staff so you can focus on the core functions.

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Get Numerous Vantage by Outsourcing Back Office Service to Triyock BPO

Professionals at Triyock bpo handle your data with diligence to ensure that it is protected from fraudulent access and manipulation every step of the way.
Management becomes successful when there is communication gap, especially while operating in different time zones. To remedy that, our team is skilled at providing assistance round the clock.
Changed times require strategic alterations. We personalise solutions according to your project requirements and willingly adjust it if necessary.
Our experienced staff uses efficient strategies to deliver quality results with precision and accuracy.

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