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Video Annotation and machine Intelligence at Triyock BPO

The technique of tracking, recognising, and classifying every object, body, tool, or instrument visible on video footage is known as video annotation. In the training of computer vision models, video annotation is extremely important. Breaking down the video into frames and preparing all of these frames using various ways is required for video annotation for machine learning. The actual number of frames that must be annotated will be determined by the video's duration and frame rate (fps). Because of the intrinsic semantic complexity, volume of data in videos, hundreds of potential classifiers, and data set quality compliances, among other things, it's more difficult than picture annotation

Triyock provides Video Annotation Outsourcing Services to assist businesses in improving machine learning technologies such as self-driving cars, human monitoring algorithms, and surveillance. In fields such as healthcare, robotics, geospatial technology, and autonomous technology, we've worked with numerous significant organisations and Fortune 1000 firms.

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At Triyock we create a fully customised video annotation process that is unique to your company by leveraging flexible outsourcing methods.

Our Video annotation Services

2D Box

This annotation approach includes superimposing a rectangular 2D box over each frame's object of interest, which aids the system in identifying the things in the actual world

3D Boxes

3D boxes provide the system with more information about the items in the image, such as their length, breadth, and height. As a result, it is significantly more accurate than the previous 2D box technique. It is frequently used to annotate movies for the automobile industry in order for the system to comprehend the traffic condition. Algorithms for the operation of robots and drones are also created with this technology.

Lines and splines

This annotation technique is used to draw lines between different parts of an image. It can, however, be utilised for annotations in which a specific region has to be tagged as a border.

Pose estimation

Polygons can be used to annotate oddly shaped photos that don't fit into rectangular frames. It recognises the object's actual shape and size, as well as ensuring more precise localisation.


Using this strategy, keypoints are placed over the region of interest. For motion tracking, face landmark detection, and hand gesture identification, precisely identify form changes.

Labelling or Tagging

The objects in the frames are tagged or labelled with data annotations and is widely known as Object Detection. This teaches the machine learning system how to recognise real-world items.

Our services also include entity linking, phrase crunching, semantic segmentation, Classification, event Tracking, object localization, data labelling, image annotation, and related services to meet your business requirement.

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