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Triyock offers affordable services for the real estate sector, assisting the business in finding rapid, dependable solutions that allow it to remain competitive.

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Cost-effective real estate services

Triyock is a multinational BPO with vast business in real estate-related services. With over 15 years of industry expertise, our first-rate BPO services and business solutions are carefully planned and proven to assist organizations in growing.

As a Real Estate BPO we understand our client’s situation, since working in the real estate industry is difficult. Behind-the-scenes, even modest transactions and activities require complex procedures and paperwork.

Even small-scale transactions and activity behind the scenes require intricate processes and documentation. This is where Triyock Real Estate BPO makes a significant difference, allowing you to accomplish more with your time and money.

The time-consuming but necessary real estate processes can reduce your revenues. When you outsource some company tasks, you free up your time to focus on other profitable operations.

Triyock is dedicated to assisting our clients' businesses in growing, saving money, and succeeding. Contact Us to discover more about how our Real Estate BPO might benefit your real estate firm.

Companies from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and other nations employ our services.

Our technologies are created to enhance processes for our clients so they may get a competitive advantage for their business

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Whether you are a real estate broker, developer, or property management, using BPO can help you enhance your bottom line. Triyock can handle all back-office activities, allowing you to devote your time and energy to more important things.

The following are some examples of real estate data that our professionals are expertise in:

Database building, Market research, calling potential deals, Legal Documents for Property Deeds, Real Estate Tax Information, Insurance Information, Sales Records, Pre-sales and lead generation, managing contracts, Contracts & Agreements extraction, Reports on Home Inspections, Disclosures, Policies of Title Insurance, Calendar management, Customer relationship management, Updating online listing

Our basket of services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

MLS Data Aggregation

Triyock offers solutions to various Real Estate data problems. MLS aggregation services optimize cost and improve their MLS footprint, increasing operational efficiency for database aggregators.

Property Data Collection

To obtain relevant data, we use county websites as well as legitimate parcel sites, listing sites, auction sites, and so on. It increases the authority level of your property database by allowing you to enter contemporaneous and correct property data.

  • Image data from real estate documents
  • Property data may be quickly identified, mixed and matched, and compiled.

Property Data Enrichment

Deep contextual information about a property is added as part of data enrichment, which may assist organisations in making data-driven decisions for a variety of applications.

  • enriching through media (images, feedbacks, reviews etc.)
  • enriching demographic data
  • enriching property data

Real Estate Analytics

Real estate companies can quickly fulfil client needs, find new business prospects, and streamline administrative activities owing to our data analytics solutions. Analyze the forces that drive the real estate market with Triyock's Real Estate BPO services, such as Property data preparation, Property data ingestion, Accurate property valuations with our Brokers Price Opinion services.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Triyock's professional photo editing services using various tools and latest software improves quality of real estate images. Virtual staging, floor plan redraws & renders, sky replacement, 360° virtual tour, item removal, lawn retouch, HDR Bracketing, arial highlight are few of our services.

Parcel Mapping Services

Spatial Data Management

finding it difficult to collect, arrange, store, share, and visualize the data. The essential issues surrounding data capture and maintenance of the numerous spatial data formats and characteristics now used in real estate are tackled by Triyock's Spatial Data Management service.

  • GIS, Design Analysis, Machine control data, volume & quantity analysis

Data Annotation and Delineation

Triyock offers data labelling for real estate, along with annotation and tagging for urban landscape design, city planning, and aerial view monitoring of entire projects or structures that have already been finished or are now being built.

  • Polygon annotation, 2D/3D bounding box annotation, semantic Segmentation, Polylines annotation, Landmark annotation, 3D cuboid annotation


Mapping creates maps containing base maps, polygons that reveal property ownership information, and associated data. The cadastral maps that show a single plot in several sub divisions are the basis maps used in parcel mapping.

Digitization and Referencing

Regardless of the workload or the intricacy of the data, Triyock provides the result promptly without sacrificing quality. We collaborate with your team. Our Digitization and Referencing service provides you with tailored business solutions that are in line with your company's objectives to digitalize data in any given form.

Real Estate Data Entry Services

Real Estate Data Capture

Triyock's team is well equipped to provide all types of documents and data capture services, we are very competent of handling a variety of data management services

  • Data Capture from Real Estate forms / Documents

Property Listings Data Entry

TOn a regular basis, real estate agencies frequently deal with a vast volume of listing data. Maintaining this massive input of data can be challenging because it calls for experienced personnel and incurs high overhead expenses. The time commitment is an additional disadvantage. Triyock provides accurate property listing data entry services with quick turnaround times.

  • Listing Data in designated database

Buyer/Seller Information Capture

A flawless data entry framework separates the relevant buyer and seller information from vast amounts of data. You can interact with the proper stakeholders if you have access to the most accurate data.

Real Estate Database Management

Triyock assists you in maintaining and protecting your real estate data bases. To properly preserve the most important data and make it accessible for retrieval, the correct data management procedures are essential.

Real Estate Document Processing

Real Estate Data Conversion

Data conversion, which involves changing the actual format of the old data into a new readable format, is a necessary component of every company' shift. We work with our real estate customers to use the latest cutting-edge tools to transform massive amounts of data into a format that is simple to retrieve.

Tax & Invoice Processing

Triyock enables realtors in streamlining and quickly locating forms to do business successfully.

Tax & Invoices, tax statements, insurance papers, Brokers Price Opinion, vouchers, financial and legal documents, survey forms, purchase orders, and other forms are all used by real estate and mortgage organizations.

Land Records Digitization

Utilize Triyock's digitizing services to create a flawless database of land records. Keeping paper documents is time-consuming work and consumes important storage space. We provide you all the tools you need to preserve the data.

Property Document Indexing

Throughout the document storage hierarchy, perfectly match digital copies of titles, deeds, liens, foreclosures, etc. An end-to-end business evaluation that considers your pain points and determines what needs to be recorded and how is the first step in our scanning and indexing process.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Virtual Staging

Triyock's team of expert editors is prepared to transform your photographs into attractive, polished images. A property is digitally staged in several styles by adding or modifying colors, furniture, accessories, lighting, and other components in a specific room.

Aerial Photo Editing

Real estate companies may benefit greatly from using aerial photos. Aerial images are commonly used by real estate companies to market homes online and in print media. With our aerial photo editing experts can get rid of all these flaws and limitations.

Sky Photo Editing

Sky backgrounds are beautiful in outdoor shots because they enhance the scene. Triyock's picture editors are skilled in replacing grey, rainy, or gloomy skylines with ones that are clear, colorful, and brilliant.

HDR Photo Editing

The substandard photographs will be transformed into stunning, captivating, and high-quality images by in-house professionals who work with the most up-to-date tools and techniques for image mixing while keeping close contact with our replacing cloudy, dreary, or dull skylines with ones that are bright, vivid, and clear.

Remove Minor Blemishes

Maintain the original texture and color of your property images while removing defects, lumps, stains, or grubby fingerprints. Triyock photo editing team helps producing a flawless photo by removing spots, dots, and flaws.

Use Real Estate photo editing services and invite more traffic to your listings via high-quality photos

Our technologies are created to enhance processes for our clients so they may get a competitive advantage for their business

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Benefits of Triyock’s Real estate Services
  • Improve efficiency
  • Stand out against Competitors
  • Increase abilities
  • Streamline processes
  • Cut costs
  • Advance technology

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