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Extracting Data from the Web

As the world’s paradigm is shifting towards digitalization, it has become important to move along with it. Today, there is a humongous amount of data available online, and analyzing this data is important to run a company effectively. But this cannot be done single-handedly and that’s why companies require professional data analysts who can do the same for them. For that, Web Scraping has been introduced.

Web Scraping is an automated technique that is used to extract data and content from around the internet. The collected data is then stored in a local file for further analysis and manipulation. In simpler terms, if you have ever copied content from the web and pasted it into your word file, this is called web scraping. But this is only the initial stage of web scraping and there’s a lot more to it. For a company to run effectively, it requires the collection of data from innumerable sources.

How does Triyock BPO help

At Triyock BPO, you’d get a team of web scrapers who would help you dig out data from every website, and that too at a competitive cost. With us, you can quickly scrape through the web to gather the right information, collect, and analyse it to grow your business. This updated data would help get access to the huge amount of information available online and generate real-time leads.


Every company needs web scraping at some point in time. This makes the company’s decision relevant and helps in analysing critical insights. At Triyock, we cover various industries to make our clients’ work smoother.



Web scraping can be used to gather information on product prices, descriptions, and reviews from e-commerce websites. This information can then be used by companies to analyse their competitors and optimise their own pricing and marketing strategies.

real estate

Real Estate

The strategy is used by real estate companies to gather data on properties, including pricing, location, and features, from real estate websites. It helps buyers and sellers make more informed decisions, as well as by real estate companies to analyse market trends and optimise their marketing strategies.


Social Media

Social media companies opt for web scraping to gather data on user behaviour, sentiment analysis, and social media trends from various social media platforms. Companies use data scraping to analyse consumer behaviour, tailor their marketing strategies, and gain insights into their target audience.


Content & News Aggregation

Web scraping helps gather data on news articles and other content from various websites. This process assists in creating comprehensive news and content aggregators, as well as in analysing trends in media consumption.



Web scraping helps gather information on pricing, inventory, and product descriptions from retail websites. It is used by retailers to optimise their pricing and marketing strategies, as well as by consumers to compare prices and find the best deals.


Research, Analyse & Visualization

Data is scraped from different sources to conduct research and analysis on various topics. This collected data is then used to create visualisations and dashboards that provide insights into complex data sets.

google map

Google Map

Web scraping can be used to gather data on locations, reviews, and other information from Google Maps. The platform helps businesses optimise local SEO strategies, as well as consumers to find the best places to visit.


Business Directories

Web scraping proves to help gather data on businesses from various directories. The collected information is then analysed to create comprehensive business directories, as well as to gather leads that would turn into sales.


Product Information

Through the web scraping process, companies can easily find accurate and abundant product information. This helps in understanding where their product is lacking and how they can improve it to meet the expectations of customers.


Job Portals

Recruitment companies spend plenty of their time and money to pair the right people with the right job. Through web scraping, these recruitment portals can gather online information more effectively as compared to any other method.


Financial Websites

Any financial institution must stay updated regarding the new market, customers, and their needs and preferences. With the help of web scraping, financial websites can obtain the information they are looking for and implement improved campaigns and strategies.


Educational Websites

Today, education has advanced to a level where there’s an increasing requirement for digital acquisition. Web scraping helps these educational websites collect the data required to implement better study plans, grab the attention of students, and stay updated with the changing study pattern.


Price Comparison

To stay ahead of competitors, price planning is crucial for every business. Data scraping helps companies compare prices of the same products/services with their competition. This helps them create strategies to introduce a better price point in the market.


Travel Websites

Web scraping is effectively used by travel websites to understand the ongoing trend in the tourism culture. It also helps them study what the travellers are going for and how to fit their demands at the desired price point.

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Advantages of Web Scraping

As we’ve already discussed how web scraping supports various industries in digging out information, it is clear that this process holds immense importance today. Web scraping automates the entire data collection and analysis process along with saving cost and accessing data from around the world.

Why Partner with Triyock BPO for Web Scraping?

If you are planning to use web scraping to grow your business, Triyock BPO is ready for you! We have a team of experts who can curate, analyse, and translate the data for you. Our team extracts voluminous data from several websites every day. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

We at Triyock aim at gaining customer confidence by constantly enhancing our skill-set, knowledge, and technologies to meet our customers’ expectations.

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