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AI Training Data Services Overview

Triyock is an entrant in the field of data management, with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data exploration. We provide a range of AI training services that help companies develop the right type of machine learning models. Treating our customers as if they were family is our motto, and we live by it.

What is AI Training data?

The AI Training data is a dataset used for artificial intelligence research and for training artificial intelligence systems. The dataset is intended to represent the variety of media content.

AI training data is created through the usage of the software. It is key to developing a machine learning AI algorithm and creating a model. Without good training data, it's not possible to train an AI algorithm or create an accurate model.

There are three categories of tools that AI models can use to generate and collect training data:

  • Data is created through the usage of software, such as running simulations in games or running tests in scientific experiments;
  • Data that has been collected through internet activities
  • Data has been collected offline and then uploaded online.

Why choose Triyock BPO for your AI training data needs?

Triyock BPO is a global provider of AI training data. This includes all kinds of AI data, such as AI models and algorithms.

We are experts in artificial intelligence and have years of experience building machine learning models for various clients. Our continuous research leads to innovation that helps us evolve with changing business needs.

Triyock BPO is ISO 9001:2015 certified for data quality. We have the widest range of AI training data and we have more than five years of expertise in this domain. Our pricing is cost-effective, and our services are scalable. We also provide quality assurance for your data to ensure no errors are present. We offer a wide range of AI training data, ensuring that you can find exactly what you need at the best prices possible and with a fast turnaround time.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Industries We Serve

Triyock BPO offers various types of AI training data services

Audio Training Data Sets

Audio Training Data Sets were first introduced in 2006. Some of the benefits of using the Audio Training Data Sets are that they are compatible with a wide range of devices, and they can be used with the app for cross-training and for listening to audiobooks.

They are widely used to train algorithms for speech recognition systems and to build AI models for other purposes. Triyock BPO provides high-quality, high-quantity data sets from a large pool of contributors.

Video Training Data Sets

Video Training Data Sets have the power to improve the performance of video-based algorithms. These videos' human analysis and validation improve the training data by adding diverse and high-quality videos. Our data sets will be tailored to the unique requirements of various verticals.

Text Training Data Sets

Text data sets are essential for machine learning and AI models. With the text, developers can train their models to understand natural language structures.

We build, test, and adjust data sets that best correspond with the intended use case of your algorithms using an appropriate combination of the latest industry technologies and methodologies. When it comes to creating data sets for computer vision models, our skilled annotators deliver state-of-the-art accuracy. The resulting training data makes pattern finding and inference much easier.

Image Training Data Sets

AI-based image recognition is a technology that has been developing for years now. The most recent technological updates have seen it use 'deep learning to improve its detection accuracy.

The data sets are huge and contain many images in different categories. Accurate training data sets help the computer to identify specific objects in an image, such as vehicles or people.

When these models are trained, it starts with identifying an object of interest and then goes on to recognize other similar objects in other images. Over time, as the number of correctly identified objects increases, so does the accuracy of detecting new similar objects, even if they are not present in the training set.

Triyock BPO Work Process

We prioritize collaboration to achieve the highest-quality outcomes. Together, we discuss your objectives and tailor our solutions to your requirements. We iterate as necessary.

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