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Image Annotation and machine Intelligence at Triyock BPO

For a successful Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning model, high-quality and accurate training datasets are essential. Furthermore, the pace with which an AI/ML training data set is annotated determines its quality. To construct higher performing machine learning models, high-quality picture annotation services are required. Triyock takes data security and all other key things into account while building a data collection that must be used in picture annotation for Machine Learning/AI applications.

Triyock’s microlearning programme is focused and comprehensive We at Triyock strive to earn client trust. We consistent improve our skill-set, knowledge, and technologies so as to meet our customers’ expectations. Companies from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and other nations employ our services.

Our cutting-edge AI picture annotation tools precisely classify each image in your collection, allowing machines to recognise things.

Picture annotation Services at Triyock BPO

Triyock's skilled picture annotation services help you construct your smart model faster. Our picture labelling service costs are really reasonable, and they help you achieve semantically segmented datasets within your budget. Our services value agility and responsiveness as time-to-value accelerators. We follow procedure for Improvement of the dynamic model.

To ensure a collaborative workflow for client’s machine learning image labelling projects, our data specialists operate as an extended in-house team. We aim for perfection in all of our image annotation outsourcing and automatic image labelling activities, using advanced tools and project-specific execution methods. When you outsource picture annotation services to Triyock, you'll obtain high-quality training data sets in the timeframe you need.

Triyock’s annotators use their extensive knowledge to create better training sets that are fed into machine learning algorithms.

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Industries We Serve

Triyock’s Basket of services includes, but not limited to, the following:

Image Annotation Services

Image annotation is a process in which a computer system uses machine learning to add information, captions, and even titles to photos. As a result, the photos include more information, making them more intelligible to machine learning algorithms. It also deals with identifying people, their facial expressions, objects, and animals, or other things.

Semantic Annotation

Semantic annotation is the process of adding additional information to data in a Predefined sementics. We do 'deeper learning' in many projects using semantic segmentation. By identifying, separating, and localising the objects, we improve the quality of the client's training data sets. To assist customers in solving their challenges, we use customised semantic labelling such as color-coded or pixel-level annotation.


The practise of labelling data in order to make it more structured and organised is known as tagging. This information aids in the development of machine learning algorithms. If you need to organise and analyse massive files and volumes of files. Our teams can help with gestures and facial expressions, postures, tagging of asymmetrical objects like buildings, cars, trees etc.

Lines, splines, polygons

Triyock’s annotators are creative professionals because they know how to precisely outline and name the lines and borders of various sorts of objects in an image. By annotating numerous routes and sidewalks, we provide correct lane navigation findings to multiple vehicle perception models. We also provide polygon annotation tasks that includes recognising water features and performing comprehensive identification. Triyock enables businesses to create high-quality picture annotations while reducing inefficiencies

Need a problem resolution through interdisciplinary video annotation. Try Triyock image annotation services for free.

Benefits of outsourcing Image annotation to Triyock
  • Team of experienced annotators
  • Easy Data exchange across various sources
  • Quality assured service with ISO 9001-2015 standard
  • ML-assisted segmentation
  • Provides the 24*7 support for projects
  • Planned and Rigorous QC workflows
  • Years of experience with Exceptional collaboration skills

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Triyock's Workflow

Our Services

  • Object classification
  • Labour time reduction
  • Object Detection
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Facial Recognition and Landmark Detection
  • Lines and Spines

Image recognition, digital picture annotation, image labelling, image masking annotation, AI image annotation, and other services are among the services we provide. Our services also include entity linking, phrase crunching, 2D bounding box, data labelling, Video annotation and data annotation related services to meet your business requirement.

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