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Comprehensive Transcription Services for industries including corporate, legal, medical, educational, and so on, to transform all important verbal data into a written or electronic text document and make it accessible and searchable.

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Our transcription services can change the way you do business by lowering overheads, increasing business efficiency, and reducing stress.

Why Does your Business Need Transcription Services?

Transcription is a skilled activity that needs intense concentration and attention to detail. It is the process of putting down the audio/spoken parts of any file in a text-based file. Transcripts are either handwritten or generated using automated speech recognition (ASR) software.

There are several benefits to transcribing, including lower overhead, more company efficiency, and less stress. It is also critical for record-keeping and swiftly determining what was said at a meeting at a later date. Although audio files may be easily stored nowadays, it is far more difficult to search through them, marking importance of text documents.

Transcription services may assist individuals and organisations such as law companies, healthcare and medical providers, students, event speakers, market researchers, podcasters, publicity coaches, entrepreneurs, and writers.

More and more organisations are turning to third-party firms for transcription services since they are skilled at managing all types of audio-visual aids and ensuring that the information is kept in the proper formats and with the proper storage procedures. Their extensive expertise makes transcribing simple and accessible. This saves the firm time and money because they do not have to hire a full-time transcriber who is essentially unnecessary save for infrequent meetings.

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Triyock BPO can help you with everything you need.

Competitive Transcription Services at Triyock BPO
  • Handwritten Manuscripts
  • Printed Transcripts/Manuscripts
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)

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Competitive Transcription Services at Triyock BPO

Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services

Cost-Effective – Hiring a full-time transcriptionist in-house is considerably more expensive than finding a reliable business to outsource transcribe to. Instead of merely paying for the service, you will have to pay for salaries, benefits, overtime, equipment, and even training.

Highly-Skilled Staff – To produce correct results on schedule, outsourcing specialists choose only individuals who are pioneers in the industry and know everything there is to know about transcribing procedures.

Flexibility – Medical transcription, legal transcription, and other fields are also catered to by outsourcing businesses. Reports may also be tailored to your specific needs and tastes.

Focus on Core Competencies – Outsourcing frees up your employees’ time for more critical administrative tasks. Instead of putting transcribing work on your employees, you may use them for what they are greatest at.

Quality Output – Outsourcing businesses can give you with 100% correct transcriptions due to well-developed processes and access to the necessary equipment and experience.

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An audio transcriptionist is someone who attentively listens to recorded or live audio recordings and writes down what he hears.
Our translators and transcribers always sign a Confidentiality Agreement. We value our clients' privacy, therefore we provide them the option of removing finished transcriptions from our database themselves.
Files are submitted to us over our website's secure server. Once the processing is finished, audio files are removed from our server. Additional data security information is available upon request.

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