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Product Catalogue Management Practices to Grow your Online Store

With more and more people turning to e-stores, it has become crucial for any business to have a strong online presence. Strategic planning of managing product data in order to ensure quality and accuracy is the need of the hour to stay relevant and competitive.

eCommerce product catalogue management is a sure-shot way of ensuring that not only your products are accessible online, but also trusted by your web store visitors and convert into leads or customer base. A well-managed online product catalogue with detailed information helps in trust-building and positively influences customer behaviours.

However, in-house organization, standardization and publication on each channel is complex and time-consuming as it requires frequent manual updates done with utmost precision and requires access and deep understanding of catalogue management tools. Therefore, most eCommerce stores now rely on third party vendors to smoothen and map these operations and provide comprehensive, accurate and quality product catalogue database.

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Challenges in eCommerce Product Catalogue Management

Extracting, organizing and formatting constant streams of data to standardize it and make it easy to publish across various platforms is a complicated and time-consuming endeavour. Product data is received through several sources and in several formats and needs to be cleansed before it is suitable for cataloguing. Also, extracting such data also require proper methodology, skillset and software. All these processes take your focus from the core of your business, making you miss out on growth opportunities, and is a terrible waste of in-house resources, talents, and infra.

However, when you outsource eCommerce product catalogue management services from Triyock, you partner with skilled professionals that have years of expertise in working with the right tech. We can gather, filter and standardize your product data using formats and styling that you prefer to make it consistent and thus, easy to update and share across different sales channels. We can also upload huge streams of data on your webstore with precision to deliver quality outputs. This makes keeping track of inventory, packaging and shipping easier to track too.

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Our Services?

ecommerce Product Entry

The success of your e-store largely depends on how accurately you update your product information into eCommerce platforms. We perform this time-consuming task of modifying product details including rates, descriptions, images and availability with absolute care for accurate catalogue indexing.

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Order Processing

Our inventory management services begin customers place their order, and end when they receive the package. We streamline the processes involved in receiving, tracking and fulfilling customer orders and make them trackable.

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Product Image Editing

Online purchasing decisions are made keeping in mind the product pictures. We deliver high quality, well-optimised product images that are attractive, devoid of noisy backgrounds, free of distractions and a reliable replica of the actual product. Our product image editing services including cropping, adjusting for colour and contrast, removal of spots and blemishes and background enhancement, among others.

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Product Listing and Uploading

We sort and upload the data of your products according to different categories and specifications such as colour, shape, size, price, material, weight, product number, stock availability, etc to make it easier for customers to put filters while searching for a particular product on various eCommerce websites.

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Ensure the quality of your product data with our eCommerce catalogue management services

Benefits of Partnering with Triyock
Our team is staffed with engineers, data entry operators, image editors, content writers, etc that are highly skilled in the vertical and bring decades of experience to the table.
We guarantee complete product data privacy and security to our clients.
Our experts are capable of delivering high streams of product data management services with precision and quick turnaround.
We have provided eCommerce catalogue management services to eStores working in several niches, including but not limiting to electronic gadgets, pharmaceuticals, watches, apparels, furniture and home décor.
We are known for maintaining the highest standards for accuracy with zero compromises.
We provide 100% result-oriented services that are value for money.

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To put simply, an online product catalogue is a database of details and information about your products that aid customers in making buying decisions.
Catalogue management means organizing, categorising and cleansing product information in industry standard formatted files to give all relevant details about the product, along with specifying its price and benefits to help customers and well as sales channels.
eCommerce catalogue management makes your data more management and accurate and enhances user experience by organising and categorising your data and enriching it in quality.

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