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The automotive sector one of the biggest industries in the world has been a rapidly evolving industry with inventions such as hybrid cars, automatic transmissions, and self-driving cars.

The automotive industry is an excellent example of an environment where rapid technical and regulatory changes have led to a need for automated data annotation.

Automotive datasets are constantly changing, including autonomous driving, driver assistance, machine learning, and electric vehicles. The volume and variety of new sensors introduced in vehicles every year mean that analysts can't rely on a static set of annotators to keep up with the data's constantly-evolving nature.

Automation is necessary to ensure that the annotations scale well with sensor complexity and keep pace with the increased volume of data coming from these new sensors.

Why choose Triyock BPO

We create and implement AI applications for the automotive industry. We use machine learning, computer vision, predictive behaviours and more to offer high-quality services to our customers.

Quality, you can trust

We are using cutting-edge research to deliver a product that provides the best quality at a competitive price.

Unparalleled scalability

Triyock offers the fastest and most scalable cloud solutions in the industry that can be scaled up or down at any time with no downtime.

24/7 customer support

Our customer-centric approach ensures we're always available to help you with any questions about our service or your project.

Industrial Applications in Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are cars that can drive themselves without needing a driver. They may use a system of sensors, cameras, and computers to achieve this. A fully autonomous car can do anything a human driver can do, but better and more safely. Autonomous cars have the potential to make driving safer, cleaner, and more efficient than ever before.

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Speech Recognition Systems

Speech recognition systems are one of the most critical segments of artificial intelligence. Speech recognition software is a computer-based AI application that AI can use to convert spoken words into written text. By recognizing sounds and pronouncing them as written text. The speech recognition software is used in several applications, including smartphones, GPS navigation systems and voice-controlled assistants. The speech recognition software works by digitally recording the user's voice using an electronic microphone.

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How does Triyock BPO help you?

Data Annotation

Our experience, expertise, and technological edge make us an ideal partner for all of your data annotation needs. Our customized workflows ensure that we tag data per your AI model's specifications and requirements.

Audio Speech Analysis

Highly skilled data annotators and a vast pool of data contributors from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds combine to produce world-class audio analysis from diverse sources.

Image and video tagging

Triyock BPO offers high-quality data annotation services for all data types, including images, videos, and text. Triyock BPO provides data annotation services via flexible work hours and competency-based compensation.

Accounting & BookkeepIng

Accountants and bookkeepers report a company's financial results on behalf of the company's management. This includes maintaining the day-to-day accounting records, ensuring that all transactions are recorded correctly, and preparing the income statement, balance sheet and Payroll Services .

Image Categorization/ Classification

Image classification is a complex problem, with rapid changes in the appearance of images and variations in visual features. The success of an attempted classification can be high or low, depending on how well an algorithm can extract relevant visual information from the image. Real-world applications include automatic object detection and categorization in videos, such as sports and security video feeds. Image classification can also automatically label and annotate people, animals, or objects in images.

Data entry services

We offer data entry services that are highly reliable and accurate. Our team of professionals can process any data and provide it to you accurately and efficiently. Triyock offers data conversion, data cleansing and invoice data entry services.

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