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Data Annotation Examples

2D/3D bounding boxes, image labeling, and categorization, lines, and spin lines, semantic segmentation, Lidars, and a range of other annotation techniques and data processing methods.

Data Annotation and Machine Intelligence at Triyock BPO

Data Annotation is the process of making the process of making the object of interest recognizable or detectable to the machines while feeding the algorithms. The object could be present in various formats such as texts, videos, images and content and so are the Data annotation modalities. Triyock is a leading global data annotation service provider with a wide-reaching clientele. Our Data Labelling and Annotation Service are designed to deliver top-notch training data, empowering your AI and machine learning endeavors. Our team of data annotation specialists comprises subject matter experts, each proficient in one or more fields, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and precise tagging of all your data.

At Triyock, our primary focus is to earn the trust of our customers by consistently upgrading our skill-set, knowledge base, and technologies, thereby exceeding their expectations. Our services are employed by companies from various countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and others.

Data labelling Services at Triyock BPO

A tech-enabled AI-ML model has become essential for majority of companies. To thrive, grow, and generate valuable insights, intelligent models require a consistent flow of precise and high-quality data. Triyock plays a vital role in various domains such as autonomous vehicles, machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, and more by offering data labelling, image recognition, and data annotation services. By assisting organizations with AI Data Labelling and Annotation Services, we contribute to enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of their machine learning algorithms, ultimately leading to better predictions and outcomes. A diverse range of B2B and B2C clients benefit from our tailored Data Annotation Services. Our annotators use their extensive knowledge to create better training sets that are fed into machine learning algorithms.

Our range of services includes, but not limited to, the following:

Text Annotation Services

Should you require assistance in organizing and analyzing extensive volumes of files, our teams are here to support you. We excel in tasks like text categorization, classification, and keyword tagging. Moreover, we specialize in named-entity identification, relationship extraction, and connection extraction from textual data. By availing Triyock's services, businesses can create top-notch text annotations while streamlining processes and reducing inefficiencies.

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Image Annotation Services

To achieve a successful Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning model, the foundation lies in high-quality and accurate training datasets. Equally important is the speed and precision with which an AI/ML training dataset is annotated, as it directly impacts its overall quality. At Triyock, we understand the significance of data security and prioritize all essential aspects when constructing a data collection intended for picture annotation in Machine Learning/AI applications. Our commitment to delivering top-notch services ensures that your AI/ML models receive the best possible training data for optimal performance and results.

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Video Annotation Services

Our data annotation professionals use the best computer vision annotation technologies. We'll annotate your films by breaking them down into frames and recreating them after the annotation is finished. With the help of Triyock’s expertise, you'll be able to quickly label films with consistent object tracking. Your annotators determine the accuracy of object tracking and video annotation; we'll match you with the best.

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Industries We Serve

Our Annotation Services

  • Content moderation services
  • Sentiment Annotation services
  • Intent Annotation
  • 3D Point Cloud Annotation
  • Speech Annotation

In addition to the services mentioned earlier, we offer a wide range of solutions tailored to meet your business needs, such as entity linking, phrase crunching, semantic segmentation, 2D bounding box, data labelling, image annotation, video annotation, and other related services. Our offerings are designed to provide comprehensive support and value to your projects and objectives.

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