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Manufacturing Industry BPM Services

Triyock, a leading BPO, has years of experience delivering professional services at a competitive price across the Manufacturing spectrum. , paired with a deep understanding of a client's business processes and needs. Triyock BPO is the best company for outsourcing your manufacturing needs, from order processing to fulfilment, warehouse management, and material tracking. Triyock's extensive experience in delivering innovative, data-driven, and scalable solutions helps to unblock higher profitability and growth. So whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, our end-to-end manufacturing solutions will help you drive higher customer engagement and build new revenue streams. Triyock's manufacturing solutions span operations, process and quality to engineering, digital and product development.

Benefits of Outsourcing Back Office Work for Manufacturing Industry

Back-office works include a variety of tasks, such as accounting, administrative, and record-keeping responsibilities as well. It is quite essential to complete these tasks quite efficiently to make sure that a business is running smoothly. It is common for most businesses to put most of their efforts, attention, and resources into activities that directly address their clients while completely overlooking the status of tasks that are non-client-facing.

In such a situation, outsourcing proves to be an excellent strategy to assist your company in its growth through the different stages, as it allows you to hire the best talent from the industry and remain focused on important operations. There are many large companies worldwide that outsource a few of their operations because of the flexibility and rapid growth it offers. The right balance of outsourced back office work and in-house resources can help you ensure the consistent profitability and growth of your business while also maintaining its brand loyalty.

Our Manufacturing BPO Services

End-to-end Manufacturing back-office services

We utilize our extensive experience and understanding of the industry to assist our clients in optimizing their channel efficacy, supply chain operations, and other competitive aspects as well. We can offer assistance in the management of a variety of manufacturing back-office functions, including data management and accounting. Moreover, we aid in making insight-led, well-informed decisions to ensure higher profitability and efficiency.

Live order-entry

Live order-entry

Live order entry involves recording the real-time details of the orders placed by the customers. This process allows the users to enter their orders anytime from anywhere. This process gets quite useful for businesses with high sales.


MSDS Transcription Services

It gets quite crucial for manufacturing businesses to keep material safety and data sheets working without any hindrance. MSDS transcription services include the conversion of paper documents into electronic format to access them whenever required over a single search.


Customer Information Management

Collecting information about potential customers can only be done by experts in this field. Customer information management involves collecting, organizing, analyzing, and leveraging the data of the customers derived from various platforms. To keep it cost-effective, you must choose outsourcing.


Inventory Management

Managing the inventory levels of manufactured goods and products can prove to be quite hectic; if you choose to outsource your work, then you can save a lot of time which can be utilized in other important tasks.


Collection & Dispute

It is a very known fact that a business owner can not do everything; collection and dispute management come under such types of tasks. This involves the collection of past debt recovery of recent collections, customer invoice disputes, and many more. This work should be handled by experts only to get the desired results.

Full-Service Administration

Once you choose to outsource the full-service administration of your business, you will be relieved from all the hectic and time-consuming tasks. We will help you with various functions like HR, payroll, and many more to add value to your business in a very short span of time.


Web Content Management

The Internet is flooded with content, but people only visit web content that attracts them the most. To create and post eye-catching web content, you must outsource the process. We, as a team of experienced professionals, work to create, organize, and publish suitable content on the client's website to increase traffic and help them grow.


Journal Entry

While journal entries might seem to be among the most basic administrative operations, it is laborious as well as time-taking. You can consider outsourcing this service to make sure that you have the availability of resources to focus on more important tasks.


Sources & Procurement Management

Every business organization looks for someone who can help them in arranging the sources at cost-effective prices to manage enough margins. However, it is not possible if you are new to any business, but if you choose to outsource this work, then you can get discounts on the raw materials you are purchasing, as outsourcing companies like us have good connections with suppliers. Not only that, we can help you keep a close check on the effective working of sourcing and procurement.


Performance Management

In performance management, it is required to analyze the efforts made by the organization to meet its short and long-term goals. It can vary from managing the performance of the whole organization, a department, a team, or an individual employee. Performance management can not be performed by an in-house team with utmost precision, because outsiders can assess your performance better.


Finance & Accounting

We can assist the growth of your business by offering critical financial insights and services like creating a budget, generating forecasts, and conducting an audit. You can outsource a dedicated workforce that provides investment management, global market research, risk and compliance solutions, and other services as well.

Order Management

Getting orders, receiving payments, managing order details, and sending them to the respective customers can easily be done if you choose to outsource the process. It is not an easy task for a novice to take care of everything perfectly; hence, outsourcing the work is the best decision.



To do effective reporting of data so it can easily be analyzed and used in the future, you should look for the best firm that simplifies the work for you. If you think of doing everything on your own, then you will probably end up doing nothing. Outsource reporting works to easily analyze the results and performance of your business.


Supply Chain Operation

Coordinating the movement of goods, choosing a supply chain, and identifying the best courier service providers come under supply chain operation. If you try setting up an in-house team for this, you may end up making the wrong decisions; outsourcing an experienced team to be on the safe side of the boat would be a good idea.


CRM Management

Creating good relationships with customers should be the priority of every manufacturing business. For this, it is advised to hire professionals who can effectively manage and create relationships with the customers to ensure repetition.

Customer Services

A company is required to manage an influx of new consumers during the growth period. In such a situation, a company can consider outsourcing the experienced professionals rather than in-house service providers and training them. Outsourcing would also enable the company to maintain 24-hour customer service while enhancing the customer satisfaction level.

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Triyock BPO Adds Value to Transform Your Manufacturing Business

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in maintaining a happy client base, meeting customer expectations and earning their trust tops our list of priorities. We believe in putting the needs of our clients first and charting out loan processing services accordingly.

Streamlined Business Processes

Streamlined Business Processes

Using modernizing techniques, technology, and other possible options, we reduce or eliminate redundant work-related tasks to increase the efficiency of processes in enterprises or organizations.

Enhanced Business Productivity

Enhanced Business Productivity

We take care of your non-core operations so you can focus on the overall growth of your business by handling core responsibilities.

Staff with Extensive Training and Experience

Staff with Extensive Training and Experience

We are experts in delivering the most timely and accurate results in your industry, and we can easily customize our workflows according to your project requirements.

Vision & Strategies

Vision & Strategies

We design customized strategies to meet the objectives of your business and work closely to redefine the plan of action whenever necessary.

Assured Accuracy and Quality

Assured Accuracy and Quality

Our work is checked vigorously regularly for errors and fallacies. We have an error rate of less than 0.1%.

Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy and Security

Our security systems are cutting-edge, and our operators are continually educated to ensure they perform at their best. Our data has never been subjected to breach or loss.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We have the people and skills to help you whether you need a rush project or assistance with something you don't regularly do.

Global Delivery

Global Delivery

We maximize profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction by delivering client-specific mortgage BPO services and solutions (onshore, offshore or hybrid).

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