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Business process automation (BPA) is becoming increasingly popular among companies that are looking to increase their efficiency and productivity. With BPA, companies can automate mundane, repetitive tasks to free up time for more productive activities. Business process automation is the use of technology for manual process, repetitive operations to free up staff time for more important work. Automating corporate procedures reduces expenses, boosts productivity, and simplifies procedures of all complexity levels. Triyock stands out from the competition among all the service providers by providing excellent service, prompt delivery, and data-driven outcomes. Because we are the first company to have merged business processes with artificial intelligence for the first time, we are regarded as one of the top service providers in the UK.

Continued progress promises to generate autonomous systems capable of perceiving, learning, deciding, and acting on their own. Triyock’s automated process services can do real-time monitoring, multichannel callouts, and prompt and accurate service level reporting, increasing overall efficiency and performance. As a reputable service provider, we provide cutting-edge digital solutions that increase operational effectiveness through automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Triyock’s Business Workflow Automation

A foundation for the digital transition

Clarifies processes with process mapping

Obtain compliance history

Key to standardise your processes

Benefits of Automation of Business Process

Workflow automation by Triyock can be used to automate simple tasks, such as sending email notifications, or complex tasks that involve multiple steps and approvals.

Here are few of the many benefits of workflow automation:



Reduced Costs:

Automating business processes can help reduce costs by eliminating the need for manual labour.



Improved Productivity:

Automating repetitive tasks frees up employees to focus on more productive work.



Increased Accuracy:

Automating business processes can help improve accuracy and consistency by eliminating human error..



Boosts Customer Satisfaction:

Automating customer-facing processes can help improve customer satisfaction by providing faster and more consistent service.

Our offerings for digital transformation with Business Process Automation

Document and transfer your typical, repetitive processes to business process management (BPM) software with the aid of workflow automation tools and services from Triyock. Your team can pursue more ambitious objectives through automation. Our services range from the following:

    Data Extraction

  • With the help of reusable extraction templates, automated extraction workflows, simple data exports, online, on-premise, and cloud deployment, Triyock's data extraction services provide a consistent supply of high-quality, relevant data and tailored services.

    Web Automation

  • At Triyock, our automation framework is created using latest languages and technologies by expert automation engineers. In the context of enterprise business, web automation services add value by doing regression testing, unit testing, sanity testing, and creating health checks.

    Excel Automation

  • Use Excel automate to streamline business operations with ultimate efficiency, budget-friendly tools, reliability, and programming knowledge. The advantages of Excel automation, including creating custom documentation, automating mailshots, combining financial sheets, etc., are all provided by Triyock's Excel Experts.

    Real Estate Data Mining

  • Taking control of scraped data from real estate websites might help you regulate the advertised pricing on a website or prepare your company database. The best Real Estate Platforms Data Scraping services are provided by Triyock. We provide services for property address, listing price, listing agent, property details, property type, and other information.

    Google map data mining

  • Business data from Google Places is offered by Triyock, including services, evaluations of rival businesses, contacts, and locations. Get analysed and enriched data with our Google map data web scraping service.

    Social Media Data mining

  • Experts at Triyock help you make an Excellent Social Networking Profile-Based Database. You can more simply and successfully scrape Facebook data with our scraper tool.

    Data Research for Job Portals

  • Bring us your Web Data Scraping requirements from the selected employment sites, and our experts at Triyock will supply you with either a tailored job portal scraper or data by browsing the domains as per your requirement

    Data Processing

    Triyock assists you in swiftly and simply implementing an automated data processing strategy inside your company. A robust and secure data warehouse is available from Triyock. You can consolidate, integrate, and sanitise data in one location using Triyock.

    Data entry

  • Triyock provides data entry services, which are software-based approaches to data input that can be improved by decreasing or getting rid of manual operations. Typically, this type of software may extract data from PDFs, papers, photos, emails, or websites and show only the pertinent information in an organised style (csv, JSON, XML etc.). A data entry solution, which aspires to deliver high-quality affordable data entry services to clients throughout the world, believe in operating within realistic margins.

    Data Management

  • The data management services provided by Triyock help to integrate dispersed data and apply data analytics techniques to complete the required business task. You can easily gather, save, organise, retrieve, and change data using Triyock's full-featured Business Intelligence solution. All data management tasks are managed by Triyock's DMS, which also achieves data usage that is value-driven.

    File Conversion

  • The staff at Triyock provides dependable and reasonably priced file converting services. A powerful ETL (extract, transform, and load) tool from Triyock may assist you in cleaning, merging, combining, and transforming data. Leverage our conversion services for converting any file format at the soonest possible time.

    Form Processing

  • Triyock provides a range of services to assist organisations with data collecting, including data normalisation, document processing, and form processing, payroll processing, data management, address management, survey form data entry, online form processing, and list building. Automate data gathering, exporting storage, and bookkeeping by integrating your current tools with Triyock services.

    Accounting automation services

  • Triyock knows accounting sectors better and has substantial expertise and experience helping businesses and accounting firms. OCR is an optional component of the accounting automation solution. You can get invoices in any format (paper or electronic). The solution enables the validation and analysis of the invoice metadata for any duplications, mismatches, or exceptions, passing through workflow approvals including to designated roles in case of exceptions which are properly logged for audit trail. The solution has a thorough reporting function that displays various trends and root cause analyses.

Data Management

    Data Duplication

  • Triyock offers a solution for handling identical data that shrinks the database's size while enhancing the accuracy of the information it holds. Triyock offers automatic data duplication services which can quickly identify duplications, compare, merge, and match any data.

    Data Validation

  • Making sure clients’ data is 100% accurate Triyock provides automated data accuracy service with guaranteed accuracy and effectiveness, reducing the amount of time spent manually cleaning incorrect data, and allowing your team to perform more efficiently.

    Data Cleansing

  • By preventing duplicate mailings and making sure that the clients' contact information is up to date, Triyock makes the utmost of your data. If there is duplicate data, or inaccurate, incomplete, or poorly organized data, an automatic data input tool can quickly identify them.

    Contact Database Updating

  • No matter what sector our clients serve, Triyock’s contact management software is a useful tool for sales teams. When customer contactability fails, a customer's contact information is captured through an automatic data quality procedure referred to as a contact data update.

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Growing businesses simply cannot afford to manage mission-critical processes manually. Instead of fixing manual mistakes or maintaining labour-intensive, an antiquated procedure, Triyock’s BPA service enables firms to refocus their energies on revenue creation and strategic growth.


At Triyock, Business milestones are effectively completed by BPA software using data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. When it comes to addressing an issue, providing an update, or transferring information, the proper BPA solution can sync across many tools and platforms, ensuring there are no delays or inefficiencies.

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