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Outsource Data Processing Services So You Can Focus on What’s Truly Important

Data processing services had limited scope during the onset, but today’s data-driven world has made efficient data management quintessential for any business to grow. Data processing involves collection of data from multiple sources and manipulate it for better quality and actionable insights. It lets you save your data in digital formats for easy accessibility and prevention from loss or damage.

While the tasks of collecting, transforming and digitising data can be managed in-house, outsourcing data processing services from a third-party vendor has a plethora of advantages. It assures that your data is being managed efficiently by pioneers in the industry. Moreover, data processing is time-consuming and takes attention away from processes that are of strategic important. Outsourcing will allow you to invest your resources and the staff’s potential on the core of the business.

When you outsource data processing services, you also save on staffing and management costs, and gain access to cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals. This boosts the business’ productivity and increases profitability.

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Our Services to Promote Time and Cost Efficiency

eBook Conversion

We can convert files in various formats, including PDF, InDesign, MS Word etc, into readable and actionable digital formats that can be stored and shared on any platform, easily.

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Invoice Processing

Save your in-house accounting teams the task of integrating and digitizing invoices. We can effectively handle all invoice processing needs by extracting all the relevant information, checking it for accuracy and digitizing all the invoice data for storage and accessibility.

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Document Processing

Increase productivity by outsourcing document processing services for tactical conversion of all data from multiple physical and electronic documents to a standardised digital format with accuracy, reliability and speed.

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Resume Processing

Digitising resumes in unified formats is greatly beneficial during the several processes of candidate selection. We have years of expertise in handling bulk of resume database and guarantee 99.9% accuracy and excellent outcomes when you outsource resume formatting and processing services from us.

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Image Processing

Professional looking photographs have proven to be game-changing for the growth of any business. We use cutting-edge technology to enhance quality or extract information from graphic database for eCommerce, merchandising, promotional content, branding campaigns and more.

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Legal Document Processing

A legal firm, or even an individual working in the law industry has to deal with extensive data of utmost importance on an everyday basis. Reading, organizing and storing all the data can be a tedious task. We help in digitisation of various types of legal data from all sources in a single format to achieve accessibility and extractability.

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Features and Benefits of Partnering with Triyock BPO

We prepare plans to cater specifically your brand or business. We are open to feedbacks and accommodating new ideas or changes while the project is in progress.
We prioritise securing your data from loss or breach. You can rest assured that your data will only be accessed by responsible and authorised personnel.
Our team has years of expertise in working with cutting edge technology and software to delivery outcomes of unparalleled quality.
Our multiple processes include several quality checks to assure we deliver a reliable output that is free of errors and fallacies.
We thrive to obtain transparency, flexibility and efficiency by maintaining regular communication with our customers.

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