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Insights into the Current Market with Triyock’s Web Data Mining

Triyock is a multinational BPO with vast business in data research. Triyock provides cutting-edge online research technology and tools to help businesses minimize time to market, engage, and please consumers. We provide a high and accurate research production rate while maintaining anonymity.

We are a renowned web research firm that provides a comprehensive variety of online research, content filtering services such as data mining, data cleansing, web search, address and email search, tracking and extracting records and raw data from a screen or a website, database construction and online research. Triyock is dedicated to assisting our clients' businesses in growing, saving money, and succeeding.

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Triyock offers comprehensive online data mining and web research services

Triyock provides you with in-depth, high-quality internet web research services in the following areas:¬¬ Brand management and reputation monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, Lead Generation, Market research, Data from a company directory, Market intelligence financial history, Price intelligence information.

Our web research services are used by libraries and academic institutions, government agencies and commercial businesses, market research firms.

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Industries We Serve

Triyock uses cutting-edge methods for web scraping, optimization, validation, and aggregation, resulting in real-time results

Professional Service – Triyock’s Document research service includes details regarding articles, journals, magazines, theses, technical papers, and news.

Products Research – Triyock’s product research service includes qualitative exploration analysis, idea testing analysis, brand name research analysis, packaging research analysis, product testing analysis, and a variety of other services.

Property Documents Research – Triyock’s Property Documents Research service includes details of mortgages, Deeds, Title Research, Assignments, Releases, Foreclosures, Credits, and others.

Profile Research – Triyock’s Profile research service includes professional profiles, and contact information such as names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers for you to connect easily with leads.

Business Research – Triyock’s Business research service includes Data on industry updates, rivals, financial reports, market studies, annual reports, and a variety of other topics.

Events Research – Triyock’s Events Research service includes examining events such as launch events seminars, webinars, exhibits, trade fairs and also as per the client’s requirements.

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Benefits of outsourcing Internet Data Research to Triyock
  • Accuracy up to 99.9%
  • Quality assured service with ISO 9001-2015 standard
  • Data security
  • Carries out remarkable Surveys and Leads every month
  • Quick service to meet project timelines
  • Provides the 24*7 support for projects
  • Years of experience with Exceptional collaboration skills

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