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Why is Desktop Publishing Important

DTP improves the overall page layout (by harmonizing the contrast, space and colours) which the customer relies on to make important buying decisions. Better-looking documents grab more attention and generate more leads.

However, desktop publishing does more than just enhancing the appearance of documents; it augments visual communication, minimises production cost and increases productivity. Desktop publishing also keep you ahead in the competition by generating clean and easy-to-understand documents that impress customers, leading to more sales. Further, DTP allows for easy customization of documents so you can target specific audience for your business.

Triyock BPO Desktop Publishing Process Flow

We provide end-to-end, effective DTP services and customise the processes to deliver industry-specific results that meet the requirements of each client. We guarantee short turnaround times along with access to unparalleled talents and technology. Our processes typically include:

  • Briefing from the client to understand publishing needs and obtaining data in form of images, scripts or textual inputs via secure FTP server
  • Highlighting project requirement and expectations and performing DTP formatting using high-end software for precision and perfection
  • Producing the output within the agreed turnaround time and reviewing it for quality and accuracy
  • Sharing preliminary result with the client for approval and editing if any changes are suggested

Transferring final DTP outputs to the client in preferred format via safe FTP server

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What Are We Offering?

Page Layout Formatting

Carefully translate text to ensure that the new content is clear, precise and in perfect sync with the original document in terms of language, industry, font styles, theme, format, design and graphics.

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Font Management

Fonts are an integral part of desktop publishing. They help in amplifying the attractiveness of documents and need to be centralised to stay organized and for ease in identification and selection.

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DTP Quality Assurance

Checking the final document for quality standards using strict measures to find errors in forms of punctuation, titles, numbering, fonts, sizing, formatting, alignment, etc.

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Make a professional looking document by predetermining template details, such as margin size, font style and size, and spacing.

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Creating the final document by putting together the text and graphics using latest software and personal computer.

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Layout Design

Design creative and mesmerising layout designs for books, magazines, newspapers, brochures and catalogues by using visual features like character sets, colour palette, document formatting, and typography that are attractive.

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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Translating the documents from English to other languages, or vice versa without changing style, theme, format and design.

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Features and Benefits of Partnering with Triyock
Our desktop publishing experts work with diligence and can be entrusted with your valuable projects for guaranteed results and ROI.
We work closely with our clients to understand the requirement and complexity of their business and customise our processes accordingly to deliver quality outputs in quick turnaround times.
Our desktop publishing experts have extensive experience in the field and can amplify the attractiveness and readability of any document in any language by using professional looking layouts and employing the best fonts and formatting.
Our team is equipped with cutting edge technology and employs it through every stage of workflow to deliver quality outputs.
We follow standard protocol and use save FTP server to exchange data and prevent it from breach or leakage.

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Desktop Publishing is the process of creating professional looking documents using layouts on computer for personal use, or marketing and distribution (reports, magazines ads, brochures).
Desktop Publishing may include newsletters, brochures, magazines, booklets, flyers, and posters. You can explore more using various, easy-to-use desktop publishing software.

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