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What are hi-tech professional services?

Hi-tech professional services in the BPO sector involve the practice of hiring professionals or specialists so that they can handle multiple tasks for your organisation. This gives you the headspace, time, and patience to focus on core activities.

When a company wants to streamline its core activities and secondary tasks or projects, it leads to a cluttered situation. This happens because the company resources are already allocated to main projects and hiring new resources involve huge cost.

In this situation, the company can involve in outsourcing technology services that can work on the required tasks.

These professional services are further divided into Business Process Management & Business Process Outsourcing. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Business Process Management: BPM is the process where end-to-end business tasks are modelled, analysed, and optimised to meet the end goals. The process can be used for any task or project that is currently going on, repeated, or predicted.

Business Process Outsourcing: BPO is the process of outsourcing IT activities to a third party. This helps the company manage the core activities and measure the performance meters simultaneously.

Why does a business need hi-tech professional services?

Today’s business environment is continuously changing and evolving. This explains why the old strategies and methods cannot be applied to modern trade. To target this problem, businesspeople have gradually adopted different ways of achieving their goals. One of these practises is outsourcing.

Outsourcing can be extremely beneficial for every company as it provides the following features



Better Work Management

At times when a group is trying to multitask, it slowly begins to fail at everything. That’s when hi-tech outsourcing comes in handy. This enables the management to focus on the key responsibilities and manage everything efficiently.

To can provide timely and accurate services to your customers and provide core team members with sufficient time to focus on their jobs. This not only helps you run the company smoothly but get better ROI as well.



Save Time

Technology and outsourcing give you immense time to focus on core activities. For example, if you want to get IT services from companies that outsource it, you’d get plenty of time to focus on the core activities. At the back of your mind, you know that IT services are managed by experts.



Reduce Cost

If you are an entrepreneur and you think that IT outsourcing companies charge immensely, think again. An outsourcing company always charges comparatively lesser fees as compared to hiring fresh talent. These are not permanently hired by your company and that’s why you don’t owe them more than the cost of the services. You can even negotiate your terms with several companies to choose the one that fits your budget.



Improve Scalability

An overlooked advantage of coming on board with a technology outsourcing company is that it opens the gates to added services and thus improves productivity. The key to successfully scaling a business is selecting a company that is a good fit for what you’re looking for.



Increased Level of Accuracy

Expertise and precision are what you get with professional IT outsourcing firms. Their knowledge helps take your business to new heights and timely achieve what you cannot otherwise. Since most outsourcing companies have already helped several businesses, this would be a valuable collaboration for you.



Smart work over hard work

Technology has been continuously upgrading and how! New processes and methods pave way for smart work and save time. As a company, it isn’t easy to take out a long time to analyse, try various methods, and find out the best one. That’s exactly where outsourcing companies come to play. They are well-versed with the latest technological updates and choose smart work instead of hard work.

Our Services

Triyock BPO Services brings all the solutions to outsourcing to your fingertips. Here we understand that the growth of your business isn’t only reflected through the sales figures. It is also essential to create a loyal sector of customers that can make your business from 0 to hero.

Here are the services that our company offers to make that change happen

Lead Generation & Mining
We are one of the top leading generation and mining companies. Since we understand the importance of marketing the products and services to the target audience, no time is wasted in bringing everyone to your platform. Our focus is to identify the right leads and capture them through the right method.
Background Verification
Background verification or data cleansing is one of the critical parts of improving the quality of the customer base. Every company comes across a mass database that quickly becomes obsolete. Our objective is to keep the data updated so that the maximum marketing efforts are targeted toward them.
Data Annotation
Data annotation is the process used to tag videos, images, and captions. This helps in categorising unstructured data that you come across. The categorised data helps AI models identify your intention and appropriate perform functions. This can include geotagging and voice recognition activities.
Business Process Automation
Every business that’s successful today relies on automation processes. This helps the company focus on core tasks and outsource the other projects and activities to third-party experts. This is where our job begins!
AI Training Models
AI has become a big part of online businesses. Your brand’s efficiency can be improved by outsourcing this non-core activity. It involves creating a well-structured virtual assistant platform where customers can interact and receive answers to their queries.
Content Moderation
Our team is completely dedicated to providing only content that resonates with the customers. Every kind of content including videos, images, and texts is monitored and screened. This helps in determining whether the generated content adheres to the rules, regulations, and requirements of a company.
Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment analysis is conducted by our team of experts to determine the emotional intent behind the content. This method helps categorise opinions of different ideas, products, and services. These opinions would be divided into neutral, positive, and negative to decide the further course of action.
Management Service for Various Industries
We provide complete managerial services for every industry including real estate, finance & accounting, healthcare, retail, eCommerce, lifestyle & fashion, and more. If you are a business and looking for professional outsourcing services, we can provide you with the best.

Among Leading High-Technology Professional Service Providers for Business

  • Triyock BPO Services (established in 2017) has been working consistently to make your company stand out on the digital platform. We are connected with several well-reputed brands who aren’t only satisfied with our services but have also maintained a professional relationship with us for a long time.
  • We are slowly emerging as a global BPO leader that offers every service you are looking for. These services include business processing, back office support, web research, data entry, scraping services, data entry, and much more. Our focus lies on innovation and updated technology to derive the best results.

Why choose Triyock BPO as a hi-tech professional service partner?

Triyock BPO aims to provide 360° value to its clients. The goal is a reflection of our own growth, core values, and purpose. Here is why Triyock BPO should be your partner for support services outsourcing

Robust Approach

Our robust approach makes us keep striving for the best. We don’t believe in settling for less or defeats. The sole aim is to take your company to the top.

Transparency & Data Security

Envisioning a platform where all the transactions and communications are 100% transparent. At Triyock, there is no scope for ambiguity or distrust. Your data is always secure with us.


Our experts have an experience of years that makes them better than the rest. If you are on the lookout for the best companies that outsource IT, it is time for Triyock.

Diverse expertise

We have expertise in every industry, making it a one-stop platform for all brands. Also, we never shy away from challenges.

Cost-effective packages

Our goal isn’t profit-oriented but client satisfaction. That’s why we never offer you pre-organised packages. All the desired solutions to outsourcing are carefully combined to create a tailor-made package for you. This makes the outsourcing service cost-effective and efficient for your company.

Precision & Accuracy

We ensure that every project we take up is conducted through careful analyses, market consideration, and precision. Our every decision is precisely taken to achieve the best results at the quickest TAT.

So, if you are looking for IT outsourcing firms to focus on your core goals, consult Triyock BPO. We come with a promise of trust, efficiency, and reliability.

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