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About Us

Triyock BPO is the leading and fast-growing online platform that provides AI training, BPO, data annotation, and business process automation series to clients.

Do you have the talent? We provide the platform to showcase it. On this platform, you have the opportunity to share your views, opinions, findings, and interests with the world. Whether you want to share new technology, business or any new market trend. We will publish your article on our website.

Benefits of Writing with Us

Working with us would be a positive experience for you because of the competitive advantages that we offer. Look through some of the advantages that you’d get while collaborating on a writing project with us –

Do-follow link: We provide a follow-up link along with your article so that the audience can reach you easily and timely. This increases the reach as well as credibility in front of the target customers.

We are a reputable platform with a global audience: Our online platform is trusted and has a global reach that would boost your online visibility as well. Once you start posting on our website, you’d get access to the masses that are already arriving on our website.

Free-of-cost publishing: On our website, we believe in a zero-cost policy. You won’t be charged anything to get the article published. You have to only take care of our guidelines related to guest posts.

Guest Post Guidelines

Triyock BPO accepts all articles, provided they adhere to the guidelines laid down for the same. Here are all the guidelines you need to take care of –

  • Articles should be in a formal tone: The target audience is generally companies, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executive-level officials. That’s why the tone of the articles should always be formal and critical.
  • Articles should be of good quality: The quality of every article we post matters. It should be informational and backed by proper research. The article’s tone should be consistent and written without any grammatical or punctuation errors.
  • Articles should be original: The content of the article should be 100% authentic and not plagiarised in any manner. Also, we prefer taking articles with fresh POVs and repetitive matters may not be accepted.
  • Links and promotions should be minimum: The content should be informational rather than promotional. Also, the links should adhere to standard policies.
  • Visuals are compulsory and they should be appealing: Both image and video content is acceptable (no copyright images). It should appeal to the audience and be relevant to the topic you’ve chosen.
  • Articles submission should be in the recommended format: We accept limited formats including .doc or a Google document link. The rest of the formats would not be acceptable. Please email us at before writing your post to confirm the topic and your eligibility.
  • We reserve the right of editing and modification: All rights of editing and modification lie within our company. If your article doesn’t adhere to the guidelines, it might be rejected as well.
  • Estimated time: Make sure that you are patient with the stimulated time to process your article. We might take up to two or three weeks to complete the process. Once completed, you’d be notified about further action.

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We at Triyock BPO accept several niches, including Business Outsourcing, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Data Analytics, Annotation & Labeling, Automation and Hi-Technology.

#Terms and Policy
  • Our team has the right to edit and change the blog content to the best of our knowledge. We might also use additional links.
  • We reserve the right to change the bio information, links, and other elements of the post.
  • The right to change the guest post policy without prior notice is reserved with us.
  • We don’t guarantee that every submitted request for the guest post would be accepted.
  • The site owner reserves the final decision of whether to publish the post or not.
  • Once your post is published on the site, all the rights are given to us. You can’t republish or reuse the post without permission.

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