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Data Annotation Company in USA | Triyock BPO

Data annotation company in USA


Looking to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence?

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Top businesses in numerous industries can annotate their data with Triyock's assistance and accomplish their AI objectives.

Data Annotation Company In USA are companies that are responsible for annotating and providing metadata for datasets. Regarding low-cost Artificial Intelligence Company In USA, Triyock is the company providing Data Labeling And Annotation services to artificial intelligence and machine learning firms looking for top-notch training data for various industries.

Triyock, a leading Data Labeling Company In USA, provides services to all kinds of Artificial Intelligence Company In USA and Machine Learning Companies In USA and deals in the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including software, hardware, and services.


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Triyock is the best company for data annotation services. Our project required an annotation to be done on annotating key points on human hands in 2D Images, and they delivered it on time. They are also responsible for providing the highest level of quality data. I haven’t seen any mistakes or errors in their work.

Peter Hruby

IT services and IT consulting firm, USA

Greetings from Triyock

Triyock uses human input to accurately, securely, and effectively supplement, annotate, and label data. We are uniquely suited to offer industry-specific workforce solutions for data annotation & labelling because of our extensive backgrounds in AI, machine learning, and data processing.

Triyock like other Machine learning companies in USA is data-driven and seeks to optimize, personalize, and automate processes to make them more efficient. Our AI Training Data Services are a hot commodity in the tech world. Companies use machine learning services by Triyock to generate predictions, increase efficiency, and develop strategies.

For all outsourced Data Annotation Services, we have the fastest response time in the business. In their data labelling outsourcing attempts, our specialists deliver collaborative workflows to clients. We consistently offer organised, high-quality data streams at huge numbers thanks to the correct mix of expertise and abilities. Triyock delivers reliable data annotation solutions for sentiment analysis, computer vision, text classification, syntactic tagging and entity linking.
Looking for Data annotation consultation for AI/ML models at cost effective rates. Get in touch for high quality results at affordable price.

Triyock Core Data Annotation Solution

Image Annotation Services

Bounding boxes, image classification, key point annotation, LiDAR, polygon annotations, semantic segmentation and semantic annotation are just a few of the image annotation services offered by Triyock professionals. Every workflow is created to ensure quality in every pixel of a certain image.

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Text Annotation Services

For use in NLP and machine learning models like chatbots to understand text and metadata for natural language processing, spam & intent detection, sentiment analysis, and more, Triyock offers text annotation services including intent analysis, named-entity recognition (NER), sentiment analysis, and entity classification.

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Video Annotation Services

For the purpose of teaching computer vision models to recognise and classify objects, Triyock professionals provide Video Annotation Services. For usage in drones, robotics, self-driving cars, and other applications, Triyock offers a variety of video annotation services, such as bounding box annotation, key point annotation, polygon annotation, and semantic segmentation.

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All Services We Provide

In order to make each image instantly recognised by machines or computer vision, we are offering Data Labeling And Annotation, Image annotation services, Video annotation services, Text annotation services, AI Training Data Services. We do Data Annotation For Machine

Box Bounding Annotation

Draw bounding boxes around the objects to enable in-depth recognition, whether they are people, playing cards, or other street objects. Depending on the quantity and quality of your data, we employ both 2D and 3D bounding box annotation tools. We will work with you to guarantee that autonomous cars are trained to recognise these things with accurate tagging and classification.

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Semantic Division

Semantic segmentation, which takes raw data like 2D images as input and converts them into a mask containing sections that need to be highlighted, aids in solving the vision problem in older computers. Semantic segmentation uses large groups of visual elements that together belong to a single user-interested object to address computer vision issues.

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Polygon Annotation

You can annotate irregular or coarse objects that are in asymmetrical shapes by using polygon or polygonal segmentation. Large photos, such as those from aerial photography, are useful for more accurate annotation. Create more accurate bounding polygon annotations for your images to create vision models for aerial photography that are clearer and more accurate.

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using cutting-edge tools and human-powered abilities. According to the requirements of the client, we can label each piece of data or annotate various objects, such as people, cars, animals, and plants.

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Polylines Annotation

used to lane identification on roadways so that other vehicles, including autonomous vehicles, can identify the lane and travel in the appropriate direction

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Landmark Annotation

Determining the shape of natural objects including face features, emotions, and moods by accurately plotting a succession of points.

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3D Cuboid Annotation

Build a more thorough model of the thing by taking a 3D cuboid image to obtain a more detailed dimension view.

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    Many different industries using machine learning or AI-based business models utilise our image annotation service. We cover the majority of them with the same level of commitment and quality, from e-commerce to retail and healthcare.

Self-driving Automobile

Used for autonomous vehicle driving computer vision learning.

Medical Care

Through the use of medical imaging with annotations, diagnose and analyse diseases.

The Retail Al

Used for vision-based inspection in supermarkets and E-commerce.

Automatic Flying

Mostly employed by drones for the purpose of obtaining aerial views and object recognition.


Used as robotic arms in factories or warehouses to handle materials.


Primarily utilised to maintain object surveillance via automated security cameras.

Satellite photos

Used to obtain a vision for urban management and smart cities using satellite photos.


Used as robotic arms in factories or warehouses to handle materials.

Are you looking For best-in-class quality data Annotation Services?

Triyock is regarded as one of the top Data Labeling And Annotation consulting firms offering Data Labeling And Annotation, Image annotation services, Video annotation services, Text annotation services, AI Training Data Services for the training of machine learning or AI-based models in Machine Learning Companies In USA.

Triyock BPO is among Top Data Annotation Company In USA and has obtained valuable experience in data labelling from working with a variety of clients. She now offers consulting services to businesses looking for labelled data for models that use machine learning and artificial intelligence

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