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Computers are currently learning and investigating the physical world in order to accurately identify and classify all of the items they notice. As a result, accurately labelling all of the data that you utilise for machine learning is vital to the project's success. One must make it easy for computers to study and analyse data so that they can read patterns and draw conclusions. This is commonly accomplished by including metadata within the dataset.

Triyock extensive experience with text annotation can assist you in the development of high- performance natural language processing (NLP) models. We extract data into phrases and sentences for emotion, intent, Named Entity Recognition (NER), and entity categorization as part of high-quality text annotation services.

Highly precise Text annotation Services at Triyock BPO

At Triyock we create high-quality text annotations while reducing waste. With our data categorization and metadata labelling services, we have enabled deep learning models for many enterprises throughout the course of our more than two decades in data digitization and labelling services.

We build, test, and adjust data sets that best correspond with the intended use case of your algorithms using an appropriate combination of the latest industry technologies and methodologies. When it comes to creating data sets for computer vision models, our skilled annotators deliver state-of-the-art accuracy. The resulting training data makes pattern finding and inference much easier.

Take advantage of our custom-built solutions to get a competitive edge in your industry using our text annotation services.


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Annotation & Transcription

Triyock can supply a database that you can use to train your machine learning algorithms and identify a wide range of characters. You'll need accurate and timely transcriptions to make your material usable. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality transcribing services.

OCR – Label Tagging

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) transforms all photographs of texts into editable text forms. They are converted regardless of whether they were printed, handwritten, or typed. Text recognition software is already in use in a variety of areas, including finance, legal, and healthcare. We can supply you with a complete range of OCR Transcription services, all of which will be handled by trained specialists.


Text categorization is the process of assigning tags or categories to texts based on their content. This technique is widely used for labelling subjects, identifying spam, and determining intent. It might pull data from social media accounts, customer service, consumer feedback, and a variety of other sources to deliver important insights to your company. It can be done in a couple of minutes with text classification.

Our services also include text categorization, semantic annotation, phrase chunking, entity linking, multilingual handling, text correction, text extraction, component analysis, data labelling, Image annotation, Video annotation and related services to meet your business requirement.

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Benefits of outsourcing text annotation to Triyock
  • Team of experienced annotators
  • Metadata Tagging, unambiguous tagging
  • Quality assured service with ISO 9001-2015 standard
  • Quick service to meet project timelines
  • Provides the 24*7 support for projects
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Years of experience with Exceptional collaboration skills

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