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To maintain accuracy and consistency, our data experts ensure that there is no data redundancy in the database

Data Management – Bedrock of All Successful Businesses

In this digital era, all businesses majorly rely on data for all decision-making processes. This marks the necessity for data to be accurate and comprehensive along with its proper organization and management. When done in-house, it can be a tedious task and a terrible waste of potential and resources.

Today, most companies outsource data management services from trusted third-party vendors, like us, for improved data quality and cost-effectiveness. We collect, retain, organize and maintain data to ensure accuracy, which further helps in customizing relevant business strategies for optimal growth.

Our experienced professionals guarantee accuracy, speed, privacy and prevention of loss of any data to assist you in making significant operation decisions. We offer a plethora of data management services, including data cleansing, web research, data enrichment, database management, data mining, CRM management and data collection service.

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Our Services that Facilitate Rapid Business Growth

Data Cleansing

We alter your data for accuracy and to rid it of duplications and corrupted or incorrectly formatted files so you can obtain reliable algorithms to make quality business decisions. Data scrubbing also saves time and increases productivity.

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Web Research

Outsourcing web research services from us will put the most experienced professionals to do a thorough research on industry trends, company performance, competitor analysis, etc and deliver accurate results so you can make informed business strategies.

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Data Enrichment

We often receive data from several sources and unless its integrated and checked for accuracy, there’s not much to wok with. We standardize all the information by cross-checking different sets of data to enrich it so you can get better business insights.

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Database Management

We use state-of-art technology to create and manage databases for accuracy, relevancy and easy accessibility. This provides uniformity in the data, along with security, data integrity, backup and recovery.

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Data Mining

At Triyock, we offer unparalleled data mining services at cost-effective rates to help you make informed business decisions. We classify and cluster all the raw data into meaningful and readable formats for easy accessibility.

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CRM Management

Improve your business relationships by outsourcing customer relationship management (CRM) services from Triyock. By storing customer and prospective customer information at one standard location, we make it available to anyone in the company for increased productivity and improved external interactions.

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Data Collection Service/ Data Scrapping

We convert unstructured data collected from websites into a structured and easy to understand format which can be stored and accessed to obtain essential insights. This enables you to stay updated with the latest market trends and compare your services with that of your competitors to stay ahead of them.

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Why Is It So Popular to Outsource Data Management Services?
We understand the need for privacy of data as it is the most important asset of any business. The use of ultra-modern technology prevents any breach of data, assuring safety.
Our professionals have the expertise to deliver quick yet accurate and quality results using methodical approaches, so you can trust us when it comes to making reliable business decision in short time frames.
Outsourcing will not only prevent you from spending a huge portion of your budget on state-of-the-art tech, but also save staffing, hiring, training and infrastructure costs.
You can rely on our staff when it comes to equipment and expertise. We have the best team of skilled professionals with years of experience in the vertical to possess the ability to responsibly handle your data.

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We use cutting-edge tools and technology to provide more intelligent services that will help your company stay relevant in this competitive market.

Running Out of Time? Here’s How We Can Help!
Professionals at Triyock bpo handle your data with diligence to ensure that it is protected from fraudulent access and manipulation every step of the way.
Management becomes successful when there is communication gap, especially while operating in different time zones. To remedy that, our team is skilled at providing assistance round the clock.
Changed times require strategic alterations. We personalise solutions according to your project requirements and willingly adjust it if necessary.
Our experienced staff uses efficient strategies to deliver quality results with precision and accuracy.

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