10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need Market Research Analysis

Shivam Shekhawat

The market research analysis is a strategy that’s useful to determine if a particular property is worth your investment or not. You can also use this tool to analyse a district or city’s rental potential. If you are a real estate agent then it is crucial for you to understand everything about the property market before investing in it.

Market Research Analysis is the 1st step in entering into the real estate market and aims to make sure that the project is profitable and fits into the current market scenario.

According to the real estate survey, the global market size of real estate has jumped from USD 3.69 trillion to USD 3.81 trillion within a year (2021-22). Its main driving forces are the ever-increasing population and rising demand for commercial and residential properties.

Since the demand is never decreasing and the market is only expanding with time, technology has also become a part of market data analysis. It has created a new world of easy and fast tools that give us insights into the market scenario. With the assistance of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the process of market study has become easier and more creative.

A realtor can benefit by understanding the market research trends as that would help him compare different properties that are up for buying and selling and learn their market value.

Reasons Why Realtors Need Market Research

Here are the reasons why realtors should perform a market research survey before investing –

1. Helps in choosing a better location so that your investment is always secure and you can focus on that specific district or city.

2. It helps understand demographic aspects like –

a.    Who would be interested in your services
b.    Which is the targeted age group
c.    What are the geographical location, marital status, and income level of the targeted customers

3. Prediction about property value is important as it would help you understand if that specific residential or commercial space is worth investing in or not.

4. Market factors that affect investment strategy like –

a.    Do you have the ability to diversify the operations?
b.    Should you reduce or expand the services for a particular time?
c.    Is your marketing activity targeting the right audience?

5. Property Analysis like –

a.    Would it be better to have commercial or residential space?
b.    Would be property’s value increase or decrease in the future?
c.    Is there a scope for negotiations on the property?

6. Analysing risk factors like –

a.    How much risk are you willing to take?
b.    Is the risk worth taking or not?
c.    What is the prediction of risk in the future? Would it increase or decrease with time?

7. Supply and Demand Analysis gives an extra edge. If you know that the demand for a specific property is high then you can acquire it for profit. On the contrary, if supply is on the higher side and there is minimal to zero demand, is it worth investing in?

8. Keeping up with market trends is important as several factors play a role in changing it –

a.    Increasing education and awareness in the district or city
b.    New constructions in that specific area
c.    Changes that would bring better opportunities for the business

9. Better decision-making ability would help you improve your grasp on the real estate market and turn better profits over time.

10. Staying ahead of competitors is one of the crucial steps to success in this business. Once you understand how and what your competitors are offering their clients, you can strategize and provide a better deal. It all depends on how deep you are willing to do.

All these reasons make it important to conduct real estate market research. But amidst running the business and making important decisions, it becomes difficult to manage everything on your own.

That’s why you can always delegate this to market research outsourcing companies. These companies solely work towards understanding the current marketing scenario, learning the requirements of commercial and residential houses, and analysing the data.

How outsourcing Market Research Analysis Can Help a Real Estate Agent?

In today’s competitive world, outsourcing has become the need of the hour. Unless you are an expert in studying market research industry trends, you’d always require to outsource the service to a company that’s well-versed in it. Here are the advantages of outsourcing business research in real estate –

1. Advances research by experts
A real estate market research analysis service expert always works with the latest expertise and tools to collect data with accuracy and efficiency. It makes sure that the analysis brings out maximum business value and accuracy.

2. Proper Adoption of Technology
Outsourcing companies use advanced technologies without increasing the overhead expenses. They have an access to knowledge and expertise for better data collection and analysis.

3. Diminish Risks
Collecting market research data is a labour-intensive process and requires accuracy. Continuous errors can lead to huge risks in the market space. Companies that are well-versed in the tools and strategies reduce errors and risks.

4. Focus on Core Business
When you outsource the task of market data analysis, it enables you to focus your attention toward the core activities of the business.

5. Low cost
Market analysis competition and data collection is a resource-intensive task that might require you to hire professionals. Instead of creating a full-fledged team from scratch, you can outsource it to a company with expertise and save your company cost.

6. Reduces internal hiring
Hiring talent requires time, money, and effort. Instead of that, you can join hands with the top market research outsourcing company and focus on other core activities of the business.

7. Enhanced Business Forecast
Outsourcing companies have domain expertise and provide you access to benchmark metrics and sector-specific tools. This would also make it easy for you to forecast the latest and upcoming market trends.

If you are a real estate agent who is new to the game or has a well-established business, always remember to indulge in market research analysis. If you don’t have sufficient bandwidth, expertise, and cost for the same, you can always outsource market research analysis for effective and efficient results.


Real estate agents rely heavily on market research analysis to gain insight into the current state of the market, trends, and customer preferences. Outsourcing market research analysis helps them recognize potential opportunities and make informed decisions. Furthermore, this technique enables agents to price properties accurately, market them proficiently, and discover the right options to offer customers.

Furthermore, market research is a great way to discover prospective buyers and vendors, allowing real estate agents to stay competitive. Through market research analysis, agents can sustain their success and prosper in their field. Accordingly, carrying out market research analysis is essential for a real estate agent to succeed.

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