What Are the Real Estate Challenges That Only BPO Can Solve?

Rashmi Soni

What Are the Real Estate Challenges That Only BPO Can Solve?

BPO and its Relation to the Real Estate Industry

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) refers to a business practice where a company hires an external service provider to handle specific business functions, such as customer service, IT support, accounting, and human resources, among others. The service provider is experienced and skilled in the particular sector and delivers timely results. This enables the company to focus on its core activities and achieve the desired goals without distractions.
In the context of the real estate industry, BPO services are commonly used for property management, including tenant screening, lease administration, maintenance, and rent collection. The experts can also provide real estate-related services such as property appraisal, title search, and mortgage processing so that you don’t have to.
BPO companies working for the real estate industry can help their clients reduce costs, increase efficiency, and focus on core business functions. For example, by outsourcing property management tasks to a BPO provider, a real estate company can free up resources to focus on acquiring and developing properties, marketing, and other revenue-generating activities.

What Are the Main Challenges Faced by the Real Estate Industry Online?

The Real Estate Industry has to face various challenges while trying to create its footprint online.  Here are some of them –

1. Property Valuation

Online real estate companies rely on up-to-date data to provide accurate property listings and valuations. However, maintaining this data can be challenging, as property information is constantly changing.

Challenges Associated with Property Valuation

Lack of Standardization: There is no standardised method for property valuation. The different methods used by appraisers and real estate professionals can lead to wide variations in property valuations.
Limited Data: Property valuations require a lot of data, including information on property features, location, and market trends. However, such data may be limited or incomplete, especially for properties in rural areas or with unique features.
Market Volatility: Real estate markets can be volatile, with sudden fluctuations in demand and supply affecting property valuations. This can make it difficult for appraisers to accurately value a property.

How BPO Can Help?

Data Collection: BPO companies can assist in the collection of data required for property valuation. They can help gather information on property features, location, and market trends, and ensure that the data is accurate and up-to-date.
Expertise: Experienced professionals who specialise in property valuation can provide valuable insights into market trends and help identify factors that may affect property values.

2. Market Analysis

While online real estate platforms offer national or even international coverage, they must still have a deep understanding of local markets to provide accurate information and advice to customers. This requires significant investment in research and local partnerships. Once a business knows its customers, it becomes easy to formulate the right strategy.

Challenges Associated with Market Analysis

Lack of reliable data: One of the biggest challenges facing the real estate industry is the lack of reliable data. Real estate markets are complex and constantly changing, making it difficult to get accurate data on property prices, market trends, and other key indicators. This can make it difficult for investors and analysts to make informed decisions about the market.
Fragmentation of the market: This market is highly fragmented, with a wide variety of property types and market segments. This can make it difficult for investors and analysts to get a comprehensive view of the market, and to identify trends and opportunities across different segments.

How BPO Can Help?

Data gathering and analysis: BPO companies can help real estate companies gather and analyse data about the market, including pricing trends, competitor analysis, and market saturation. They can use advanced data analytics tools to provide insights into market trends and help real estate companies make informed decisions.
Lead generation: Experts can also help real estate companies generate leads by using a variety of marketing techniques, such as email marketing, social media marketing, and telemarketing. By generating leads, real estate companies can expand their customer base and increase their revenue.

3. Property Management

One factor that affects the growth of any insurance company is the management of its buying/selling properties. In case of incomplete documents, leakage of sales leads, and sudden maintenance costs can severely affect the revenue.

Challenges Associated with Property Management

Maintenance and Repair Issues: Property managers are responsible for ensuring that the properties they manage are in good condition and that any necessary repairs are made promptly. This can be challenging, especially for large properties or when there are multiple tenants involved.
Compliance with Regulations: Real estate industries need to comply with various regulations and laws related to property management, such as building codes, safety standards, and fair housing laws. Keeping up with these regulations can be challenging and costly.

How BPO Can Help?

Cost Savings: Outsourcing property management tasks to a BPO provider can help real estate industries save money by reducing the need for in-house staff and infrastructure. BPO providers can offer their services at a lower cost due to economies of scale and lower labour costs in their location.
Access to Expertise: BPO providers specialise in providing property management services, which means they have the necessary expertise to handle various tasks such as maintenance, tenant management, and compliance with regulations. This allows real estate industries to benefit from the experience and knowledge of BPO providers without having to invest in hiring and training their staff.


Real estate is a growing industry, especially when it comes to online trading. But owing to several hindrances, it isn’t easy for a business to carve a distinctive space for itself. That’s where the BPO industry steps in. The experts take up the task of providing solutions to your problems.
If you are a real estate company then it is time to connect with a trusted BPO company with a team of skilled members that can help you stand out in the digital world.

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