Action Tracking Publics’ Movements in Videos Using Labeling

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Company Bio

The client is emerging smart technologies and is a leader in their respective niche area.

Requirements and Challenges

The client is working on a very huge project which required tracking public’s movements in videos. This contains things like running, walking, riding a bike and many other actions. It was also important to label the street on which all of these actions were taking place with labels. Since it would be very time consuming and expensive to perform such a volume of video annotation in-house, the client turned to Triyock for assistance

Our Solution

Triyock BPO assembled a Video annotation team of 45 full-time Video annotators to get all of the annotation work done. We annotated 20 different action classes with >97% accuracy. The project is still continuing and the client is very satisfied with the accuracy.

Result Delivered to Clients

  • 20 action classes annotated
  • >97% accuracy
  • 45 full-time Video annotators are working on the project.

Need to label, categorize or identify video elements at a scale. Hire an annotation

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