Annotating the Movement of Publics in Videos Using Key points

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Company Bio

The client has a suite of products that help industry to create and manage the huge amounts of customized datasets they need to build algorithms. They use AI to make customized AI training data for large Software companies to help their customers develop machine learning-based features in their products multiple times faster than they could themselves.

Project Overview

Exploring a Human skeleton with key points on each frame in a video

Requirements and Challenges

The client needed to annotate the human skeleton with key points on each frame in a video which is very stimulating because the person is continually moving in the video and therefore the groupings of points are constantly changing. Moreover, the people in the video can be in countless positions, such as running, jumping, squatting, doing push-ups, laying down, or in plank position.

Our Solution

Triyock BPO assembled a data annotation team of 100 full-time data annotators to perform all of the needed tagging tasks. In total we annotated 9000 videos which is 1,100,000 frames. All of this work was done within the specified time frame of 55 days and the quality score was >96%.

Result Delivered to Clients

  • 9000 videos annotated in total
  • 1,100,000 frames were annotated
  • Accuracy upto >96%
  • The Task was completed in 60 days.

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