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Conversion of handwritten medical billing data into online system

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Client Overview

O2 Pharma is a growing pharmaceutical leader and one of the largest generic medicines producers. With colleagues in several countries delivering medicine cabinet to millions every day. They are significantly growing both in generic and specialty medicines business through investment in research and development, marketing, business development, and innovation.

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Requirements and Challenges

The customer required the conversion of a huge volume of handwritten medical billing data into an online system. The data is sorted and classified in the web system so that it could be conveniently accessible. The client would publish the data on their online portal in the form of charts, figures, stats, etc. The customer requested that we provide medical billing data entry and processing services that would fulfil the demands of the national standard and healthcare organisations. A monthly report of the medical billing data was also requested by the customer.

Case Studies

Our Solution

We quickly organised a team of specialised data entry agents capable of handling identical jobs after receiving a full brief from the customer. We quickly started, and we had expanded to full capacity in seven days, thanks to a dedicated manager. We also had access to the customer’s customised site, which we used to cross-check the data and entered the invoices into the O2 portal. We handled typewritten, printed, and handwritten invoices and converted them to electronic forms. The customer was overjoyed with the project’s outcomes and opted to outsource the jobs to Triyock and recommend us further.



  • Triyock’s years of experience in the field of multilingual data entry, Data Mining, Typing, extraction, collection field resulted in an effective and efficient medical billing system.
  • fast turnaround, cost-effective pricing, and highly accurate delivery resulted in about 60% cost reduction over other outsourcing providers.
  • Our team’s data entry and document digitization resulted in storing 90,000 client records in just three weeks with zero duplication.
  • This was completed to an exacting standard, allowing the customer to focus on tasks other than data input.
  • Better collaborations: They found a future solution for their data input, extraction, and mining requirements.

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