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Client Overview:

Client is an American Law firm specialized in Debtor - Creditor Litigation, General Litigation, Business Law, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice Law, and Criminal Law.

Business Needs:

1. To visit different court websites of different US States Courts and collect the data on daily basis for various cases.

2. To collect data as per the specific case types and specific criteria so that Client can proceed further with their business model.

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Challenges for Triyock BPO:

1. Making sure not to collect a Case which is already captured previously to avoid duplication of efforts and avoid any other legal actions.

2. Making sure that Case details collected are meeting Client’s core requirements.

3. Any wrong data captures may lead to big losses on Client’s end.

4. Strict deadlines to be achieved on daily basis, single hour delay may lead to a Client escalation.

Triyock Solution and Approach:

1. Dynamic checklist was created along with template to make sure that correct Case type is collected and entered into the database.

2. Different QA and Audit techniques were implemented to make sure 100% quality and we haven’t received any major error so far.

3. We have witnessed increase of volume by 20% and hence, ramp up plan was implemented where we were able to meet expected volume delivery within stipulated time.

4. Processing daily volumes from 20 different Courts on daily basis within stipulated timeline.

Result Achieved

1. Clients received entities received merger updates of the entities.

Process Workflow


Data Collection From Different Court Websites

Data Formatting

Quality Check



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