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BECured Health Care Services





Client Overview

BECured Healthcare services are a leading Healthcare chain in the USA. They are a chain of medical services providing hospital facilities, diagnostics labs, and care centers. The client wanted us to access the data, extract the required information, and update entries of manual billings to digitalize. The volume of data per month was thousands.

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Requirements and Challenges

The data and records per month had to be maintained on a daily/weekly basis in separate excel/CSV files. Processing the information from these excels, required us to ensure data accuracy, data integrity, and denormalization of data for optimal query performance. The challenge was also to minimize the needs for manual efforts in preparation of these reports from various data sources.

Case Studies

Our Solution

For documentation and escalation, a comprehensive training session was be undertaken by Triyock’s team. This was useful in deciphering the subsequent follow-ups and fixing any inaccuracies that may have occurred. This solution provided a centralised and consolidated platform to see various data analyses on complete historical data and eliminate the need for manual processing thereby lowering the administration cost and decision-making cycle and errors that manual processes are prone to. Two stages of quality assurance assure 98–99 percent correctness and more than 45 percent of the client’s operational costs were saved.



  • Automated the data validation and data quality checks, extracting reliable data for decision-makers.
  • Provided with presentable reports and analytical dashboards with the user role and user group access.
  • The solution has enabled the client with better insight into their existing operators and been given control to optimize the operational performance.

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