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Client Overview

Mortgage Company of Canada was started in 2001 in Regina and offers to refinance and purchase mortgage loans to potential customers. These services are available through the web or an app. The professional and competent mortgage bankers provide thorough step-by-step guidance for each transaction. In Canada, the client has grown to become a top mortgage lender and a very successful retail mortgage firm.

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Requirements and Challenges

Since the client provides excellent mortgage services, substantial quantities of mortgage loan requests are received on a daily basis. The customer requested an expert that could assist with the processing of all mortgage deed and loan-related information, as well as database choices for retrieving and analyzing this data fast. The data from their application software, as well as the website, needed to be processed as quickly as possible with the greatest level of accuracy to avoid errors that may result in considerable losses for both mortgagors and mortgagees. The customer was searching for methods to help the loan boarding process go more smoothly and quickly.

Case Studies

Our Solution

A team of professionals worked around the clock to manage big quantities of mortgage deed entry services so that the customer is completely satisfied. We separated the complicated operations into simple and easy jobs after recording each one. We were able to effectively recruit and train resources three times faster than the customer’s in-house team. The loan processing method was broken into steps. We provided high-quality mortgage deed processing services with remarkable precision to assure the client’s complete satisfaction.



  • Triyock provided high-quality mortgage form processing and application requirement verification for each mortgagee on the client’s website and application.
  • Loan processing, and closing backlogs now had quick clearance due to reduction in errors.
  • Our mortgage professionals were able to expedite loan closings.
  • We established a competent Quality Assurance team to audit a specific proportion of daily output on every step Mortgage deed data input and validation from both the application and the internet to enhance and maintain quality.
  • Reduced operational expenses by 40 to 50 percent, resulting in a direct impact on the customer’s return on investment.

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