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Client Overview

The client is a well-known jewellery designer in the Philippines. They create jewellery in a variety of styles, including vintage, modern and contemporary. They even create jewellery with Asian or oriental themes. For their website and store, the customer wanted to adopt a fresh look to their jewellery picture editing services. They needed a vendor that could follow their simple but innovative protocols and provide them with a near-perfect collection of edited jewellery photographs for presentation on their platform.

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Requirements and Challenges

The customer had everyday images alterations and scaling on massive amounts of photographs. During the jewellery picture editing process, reflections are to be added and altered to give a realistic effect. The major challenge was adding a 3D effect to massive volume of photographs throughout the editing process. Our Triyock’s editing team is aware selling your jewellery online needs to be highly presentable.

Case Studies

Our Solution

To begin, we had to remove any visible imperfections and dirt from the product. Second, we had to perform a jewellery retouching wherein most of the small spots are removed. Third, the colour correction of the images because they need to be vibrant. Lastly, resize, cropping, and other adjustments needed to be done to finalize the images. Attention to every detail in process of repairing, editing, and manipulating the photographs



  • Even though retouching e-commerce products, photographs, and images can be time-consuming, we had a Quick turn-around which resulted in faster execution of new products online.
  • Delivering HD images for the catalogue and compressing the images for the website presentation.
  • Innovative presentation to improve clients’ online engagement and sales.
  • The Cost-effectiveness and time efficiency of Triyock’s image editing service resulted in clients’ growth and saved a lot of money.

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