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Legal Industry

Client Overview

ARA is a full-service law firm with offices all over India. Over the years they have been known for the quality of their services and client satisfaction. They are a reputable, strong, and experienced Law firm handling various fields like Shipping and Maritime, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Corporate & Banking matters, and other legal issues for our clients throughout the globe.

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Requirements and Challenges

The customer had every month, a large number of bills had to be created; 80 percent of the total number of bills had to be generated in the first week. These bills were not only to be submitted online but claims had to be managed online too. This also required recording historic bills with the papers which had been missed previously in a way that they tally the company’s data.

Case Studies

Our Solution

We appointed a team of experts who created a thorough process document that described the classification of each transaction as well as the associated papers. By precisely capturing all of the transaction’s information, the team was able to decrease the additional expenditures associated with the accounting process. We also prepared a thorough process document that defined how to classify a transaction and the papers that go with it. To guarantee correct alignment with the client’s demands, we repeatedly benchmarked all transcribed files against the client’s specification. The customer was pleased to see that the project was moving well.



  • Due to the quick processing of papers, the payment cycle and delivery reception procedure improved dramatically.
  • The customer’s operational costs were significantly lowered. The customer saved time on reprocessing transactions and exception processing, allowing the firms to significantly reduce staff and other expenditures.
  • The increased workload, in terms of the enormous number of invoices that needed to be handled, was efficiently managed.
  • The turnaround time was greatly reduced.
  • The customer’s satisfaction was beyond measure as the project accounts tallied and workload reduced.

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