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Client Overview

Hashi consultants is a Hong Kong based company. It provides strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, company growth, and general management consulting services. It assists start-ups and innovative companies. The customer required a comprehensive study on the smartphone markets in South Asia They're known for their ability to boost company value by reducing internal performance hurdles.

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Requirements and Challenge

The customer required market research assistance while also providing advice for a telecom start-up. The study entailed market research and analysis of smartphone products. The client required a complete research study on the smartphone industry in these diverse and rapidly changing areas. Smartphone growth trends, market sizing, and projections, market share analysis by large brands, price analysis, and sales channel analysis were all part of the study. Due to the clients’ time restrictions, the estimated turnaround was set too short.

Case Study

Our Solution

One researcher and one quality specialist worked on the project, and primary sources (online) were used in the investigation. The research data was then thoroughly vetted to meet the needs of the customer. This assignment exemplifies a client’s need for both precise research and a quick turnaround. Both criteria (accuracy and speed) are impossible to achieve without the help of a knowledgeable outsourcing partner. Our staff works on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week schedule that allows for quick turnarounds involving many time zones; we can always work with your time zone and scheduling needs.



  • The clients were able to immediately get comprehensive insights into the target smartphone markets.
  • The study assignment was finished in a short span thanks to a team of professionals that included research analysts and a team leader.
  • The customer was quite pleased with the outcome because all of their objectives were realized.
  • Meanwhile, a proposal for extending the service contract was presented to the customer, who enthusiastically accepted it.

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