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Recruiting and Staffing

Client’s objective:

1. Our client is an international Talent Investor, which supports individuals to build technology companies. It has offices in six locations; London, Berlin, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangalore.

2. Client source details like Candidate name, LinkedIn Profile, education specialization (Computer Science, Machine learning artificial Intelligence etc.), Geography, Email address, Education and Work History of PHD and Post Doctorate students for the Programme.

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Challenges for Triyock BPO:

1. Client already had the database with them resulted in duplication for the dispatched data.

2. Direct emails of previous batches PHD students were not available for all locations.

3. LinkedIn allows to access 1k results for the requested criteria however; our requirement was higher than reflected results.

4. Criteria to source the leads were changed after every batch for all locations.

Case Studies

Our Solution

1. We recommended to receive the available data and de-duped by email and URL’s to ensure zero duplication. Master database was created and maintained to prevent similar issues in future.

2. We opted to use different tools and validated the emails using validation tools (Email Hunter, Zero Bounce etc.) to ensure least email bounce ratio.

3. Search criteria’s were tweaked without diluting the required content to get unique results and other methodologies were adopted resulting sufficing required amount of leads with least duplication to match clients expectation and keeping quality intact.

4. Quick learners were deployed to the projects and smart methodologies (Proactively discussing and analyzing future requirements) were adopted to match up the client’s expectation and managing the delivery of data within the stipulated time.

Result Achieved

1. Client could now get up to date data for all functioning locations.

2. Client gets up to date data during their urgent requirements to mage close deadlines.

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