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Company Bio

The client is a visual dropbox for current mapping via drones, landscanners, and many other tools. Their resolution allows you to share, use, and manage any modern geospatial 3D documentation in a web browser - and access it throughout the whole project or an asset's life cycle.

Project Overview

The client developed a Software that monitors the progress of construction over time. To improve the accuracy of the Software, They needed to annotate images of construction sites from various months.

Requirements and Challenges

In order to increase the accuracy of their Software, the client needed their datasets to be annotated to train the ML algorithms. Such datasets would include images of how construction sites look today and how they looked a couple of months ago. Both of these datasets needed to be annotated so the system could associate them and measure the progress that was made, if any. Since there was a large amount of data that needed to be annotated, the client approached Triyock BPO for assistance.

Our Solution

Triyock assembled a image annotation team of 10 full-time image annotators to label the needed datasets. The client requested that we use QGIS to perform the annotation, which is a free and open- source tool specifically designed for annotating geospatial data. The output needed to be in GeoJSON format which is used for encoding a variety of geographic data structures.

Result Delivered to Clients

  • 9500 hours worked
  • Annotation was done in GeoJSON format
  • All of this work was done within a month

Need to label, categorize or identify data elements at a scale. Hire an annotation

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