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Industrial Construction

Client Overview

Imax is a leading service provider in the field of construction. It provides manpower for industries, industrial construction services, technical expert services, technical assistance, and engineering, as well as highly specialized consulting services in the fields of project monitoring, maintenance, performance, and industrial construction management. Based in UAE it has more than 1500 employees.

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Requirements and Challenges

The client required a vendor with the resources to efficiently accomplish its invoice processing obligations in a timely way since they had significant numbers of bills to process. They realized they didn’t have a system in place to capture job data labour, equipment, and materials together (LEM). They were especially interested in finding a solution that would remove the requirement for duplicate data input from a high volume of invoices, extract certain data and allow them to print invoices in less time during their review.

The customer demanded 100 percent accuracy due to the specialised nature of bills.

Case Studies

Our Solution

The client was provided quick assistance, which necessitated the use of various data management professionals. After using Triyock’s service, the requirement for redundant data entering was eliminated, lowering Imax’s rate of error dramatically. After our experts had captured the data, Imax sent a file containing the hours worked to their customer for approval. Triyock generated an invoice report immediately once all of the hours for an invoicing period had been authorized. The invoice was emailed to the customer, and the same information was exported to Imax’s ERP system for payroll processing.



  • The On-site paperwork is reduced also resulting in time saviour.
  • Brought improvements to digital business processes
  • The customer saved time and money by eliminating the laborious process of pulling data from hundreds to thousands of invoices.
  • The in-house staff to focus on core skills while we assured timely delivery of daily invoice data.

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