Tagging the Make and Models of Cars in Videos

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Security Company

Client Overview

The client offers intelligent security solutions on the EDGE (IP video camera processor), that support traffic, access control, and parking management projects. They build their products using license plate, model of car, color recognition and intellectual data processing algorithms.

Project Overview

Triyock BPO provided support for top-quality image annotation services to help train the ML algorithms to differentiate between different car models.

Requirements and Challenges

The client was working on a product that would use computer vision to distinguish between various models of cars. In order to further train the machine learning algorithms, they needed to annotate a dataset of 25,000 short videos that were taken in various parking lots. Since this is a very time- consuming task, they reached out to Triyock BPO for support.

Our Solution

Triyock BPO assembled a team of data annotators to perform the annotation work. 500 different parameters were given by the client. Our team got the job done in 10 days, which was the timeframe discussed with the client with a quality rate of more than 95%.

Result Delivered to Clients

  • 25,000 videos annotated
  • Classified cars into 500 parameters
  • Work completed in 10 days
  • More than 95% quality score

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