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Client Overview

Our client develops cloud-based analytics tools to help businesses draw actionable visions from text on a massive scale. With domain-expertise in the Financial sector, the client’s products transform amorphous data into targeted information and deliver it in well-designed formats that are intuitive to use, frictionless to onboard, and designed to complement current workflows.

Project Overview

Triyock BPO provided support for top-quality image annotation services to help increase the accuracy of the client’s ML model.

Requirements and Challenges

Even though the client has extensive experience in the ML sphere, they are always looking to increase the accuracy of their products upto 100% to provide deeper insights for their customers. They were looking for a reliable partner in the image annotation area who could label the training data sets with a high level of accuracy that was necessary to increase the overall accuracy of the model.

Our Solution

Triyock BPO assembled a team of image annotators to handle the workloads. We held weekly meetings to go over deliverables and conduct of quality assurance efforts. Thanks to the collaboration and overall hard work of our annotation teams we were able to reach the anticipated result of improving the ML model accuracy to 95%.

Need to label, categorize or identify image elements at a scale. Hire an annotation

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