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Client Overview

A group of research professionals from the University of Philadelphia, had been buried under dozens of interview recordings and research material. With more than fifty hours of audio recordings, lectures, and the stress of burning the midnight oil, they needed professional help without the price tag that it usually comes with.

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Requirements and Challenges

For their research endeavour, the group had conducted interviews with several individuals. The interviews were generally broad in scope and covered a wide range of subjects. For the research assignment, they had to transcribe the interviews they had recorded. The precise transcription that had to be implemented on the customers’ recordings was the project’s biggest hurdle. Pauses, chuckles, and laughter were all part of the conversation. The research was on the advancement of society and how it may be helped by investing in young leaders. As a result, our crew had to pay great attention to even the tiniest details.

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Our Solution

The group needed a cost-effective and skilled team of specialists to carry out this task of accurate transcription of comprehensive audio on the topics within seven days. Before the start of the project, each audio recording was thoroughly analysed by the team, and rapid feedback was given to the customer. This feedback included information on the faulty files as well as sections where certain voices were not clearly audible. Meanwhile, our team took on the duty of educating the customer on the fundamentals. As a consequence of our methodology, we were able to achieve the required precision as well as a quick turnaround time.



  • Audio transcription services with remarkable speed, security, and correctness, which made our customer group happy.
  • A precision of 97% was achieved in the transcription.
  • The job was completed in 7 days, and it was completed cost-effectively to match the client’s budget and timetable.
  • Meeting the exact requirements helped the group to carry out the research with no extra delays.

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