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Client Overview

Client is a 20 years old company. It collects, analyzes and manages foodservice and hospitality data to help businesses win in this fragmented industry. The comprehensive and segmented data allows Client to adapt local and global insight to their clients' objectives. Client delivers actionable solutions that drive business growth in the food and hospitality industries.

Client requirements

1. Client wants us to run daily quality check script and update the Master reference table for their API.

2. Run a purge to find the duplicate data and validate the duplication. After the duplication is confirmed, update it to the master reference table.

3. Advanced web research with phone call verification to ensure the authenticity of the data.

4. Find the headquarters and locations of chains data provided by the client in their corresponding websites and verify the data with reference websites.

5. Segment the given data in appropriate market details i.e. Commercial, Noncommercial and Retail with respect to their corresponding market segment and menu type with average check.

6. Find the food services provided by colleges and universities with the help of web research provided by the client.

7. Find all the services including food and hospitality in Hotels and Resorts data provided by the client.

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Challenges for Triyock BPO:

1. To define rules for validating the duplicate data when it comes to different countries i.e. USA, Canada, Mexico.

2. To define Closed, moved or replaced business locations.

3. Language barrier especially when we have to work with Spanish data.

4. To decide when the client data is different than google or any reference websites provided by the client.

Case Studies

Our Solution

1. Input data is fed into the Alteryx Designer and a script is built to fetch desired output.

2. After finding the common patterns, methods and defining rules for different countries for data validation, we run queries to eliminate the duplicates automatically in MS Access before going through the data manually.

3. Language barrier is hopped by changing the validation parameters.

4. Mismatched data is acknowledged using different reference websites and decisions taken spontaneously either manually or by the supervisor.

Value addition

1. We prove the data to the client in a uniform pattern whether some data is incorrect, inappropriate, duplicate or missed given by the client initially.

2. We defined rules for validating duplication, web research and Segmentation queries.

3. We explored different patterns in the data given for different countries which it helps us to manage and work with the data even in a different language other than just English.

4. Most of the data is eliminated in MS Access by running different queries in MS Access built by our team before validating which helps completing the task far before than due dates.

5. We’ve been consistently and adequately providing uniform, cleansed, non- duplicated data without any glitches.

Web research workflow

Receive raw data from client

Web research

Feed missing data

Update Incorrect data

Standerdize the data

Quality Check

Assign and Update the ticket back to the supervisor

Send Processed Data to the client

Detail workflow

Receive raw data

Web research

Insert appropriate market segment

Insert menu type

Insert average check

Quality Check

Assign and Update the ticket back to the supervisor

Send Processed Data to the client

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