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Client’s objective:

1. To source article’s published by the faculties and students from Journal websites and map with its original source for validation against client’s database.

2. To update education history and work history with validation in client’s database.

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Challenges for Triyock BPO:

1. Journal websites do not have clear indicator for the affiliation match with its author and candidate resulting 15% more time consumption.

2. We were unable to access 10-15 % websites because of geographical restrictions.

3. High scored ignored and false DOI matching check list was lengthy which resulted in increase of time investment by 5% with miniscule results.

Case Studies

Our Solution

1. We maneuvered the process steps and introduced open web search along with google scholar, author profile page and research gate which resulted in improvement in productivity by 20% and hence, time investment for the task was reduced.

2. As an resolution we opted for google scholar and research gate by which we were able to access all DOI’s and articles

3. Quality checks were improved by reviewing real time errors data from the database reports and feedback was shared with the team resulted in increase in accuracy by 2% and 5% time was saved.

Result Achieved

1. Client can now get the DOI’s having education and work history added prior to processing the data further.

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